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review of LG and Mitsubisi air con

Mitsubishi Electric vs LG: Air conditioners reviewed

If you feel you resemble more of a roasting Christmas ham, than a cool cucumber in the salad this summer, then you may well be yearning for an air conditioner to keep your cool. Some …

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comparison of fujitsu kelvinator air conditioners

Fujitsu General vs Kelvinator: Air conditioners reviewed

Summer is always just around the corner when you live in Australia, and many of us are bracing ourselves for sweaty days and balmy evenings. There’s only so much a cold beer and a pool …

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Turning on an air conditioner, with a remote.

Daikin vs Panasonic: Air conditioners reviewed

If you’re sweating up a storm even before summer has hit, then you might want to invest in a quality air conditioner to tide you over. Summer is a time for many of us to …

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best cheap aircon

Cheap air conditioners: Stay cool and save money

For many of us, summer is more than the beach and the cricket; it’s putrid sweat and the desire to be in air conditioning at all times. As we near the end of the year, …

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air conditioner button hero

Portable or split system air conditioning: the pros and cons

If you’re sitting with your pits sweating in the grips of summer like many of us, then you may be salivating at the thought of buying an air conditioner. A lot of Australians stuck with …

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