End of financial year sales: Are you really getting a bargain?


Washing machine moneyIt’s that time of the year when retailers are desperate to meet their financial targets and consumers can smell a bargain. But before you go crazy with your credit card this June, consider how much other people have paid for their white goods – to help you determine just how great a deal you’re really getting.

Turn on your TV or radio, or open a newspaper this month and you’ll almost certainly be bombarded with end of financial year sales ads, encouraging you to spend big RIGHT NOW before the deals DISAPPEAR. But HURRY because stock is LIMITED and you won’t want to miss out on these INCREDIBLE offers…

Canstar Blue helps Australians look past the bright red, flashy sales lights by providing an insight into how much money other consumers have spent – and what they actually think of their purchases. Think of it as like asking 3,000 of your closest friends how they rate their new washing machine, clothes dryer or dishwasher. Would they recommend it?

So with the end of financial year fast approaching, we run the rule over various household appliances to hopefully put the sales jargon into perspective and guide you towards the best purchase decision for you and your family.

Clothes dryers – average spend $414

Most Aussies may live in a warm-weather climate, but clothes dryers are still an important part of many households, especially in winter. In fact, those who have purchased one in the last three years spent an average of $414 on their new appliance. Those who were replacing an old one did so after an average of 7.4 years.

Why buy a new clothes dryer?

Similarly to those who recently bought a new washing machine, the majority (43%) of survey respondents decided to buy a new clothes dryer because their old one broke down. But a significant 21% decided the time was right to upgrade their tired, old dryer with a newer, better model, while 16% took the opportunity because they moved home.

Which clothes dryer brands are rated highest?

Fisher & Paykel stood out from the rest in our 2015 clothes dryer reviews, earning a glowing reference from consumers in most research categories. And once again LG earned notable recognition for offering good value for money.

dishwasherDishwashers – average spend $810

A vital asset in most homes, many Aussies couldn’t do without their dishwasher, and those who bought a new one in the last three years spent an average of $810. Those who bought a new model were replacing their old one after an average of 7.7 years.

Why buy a new dishwasher?

One in five (20%) survey respondents bought their new dishwasher because they moved home and 15% were renovating. But 40% clearly couldn’t get by without one as they were replacing an old appliance that stopped working.

Which dishwasher brands are rated highest?

Miele dishwashers are proving extremely popular in Australia, topping our customer satisfaction reviews in four out of the last five years. The only brand to challenge Miele’s dominance in the past was Bosch, which again impressed in 2015 with a five-star rating with regards to value for money.

Ovens – average spend $981

Every home needs an oven, and Aussies who have purchased a new one in the last three years spent an average of $981. That’s a lot of money for any household, but fortunately we don’t replace our ovens too often – an average of 12 years we found.

Why buy a new oven?

While 34% of survey respondents bought a new oven because their old one stopped working, a quarter (25%) cited moving home as their main motivation and 21% were renovating.

Which oven brands are rated highest?

Just like in our dishwasher ratings, our oven reviews saw Miele lead a hugely competitive field with a near-perfect set of customer satisfaction results. Electrolux also performed well as the only brand to score a five-star value for money rating.

Woman washing machine shoppingWashing machines – average spend $608

Aussies who have purchased a new washing machine in the last three years spent an average of $608. Those who bought a front loader ($628) spent a little more than their top loader friends ($600), but what they did agree on was that their old washing machine needed to be replaced after roughly the same length of time – 8.8 years to be precise.

Why buy a new washing machine?

More than half (56%) of survey respondents simply bought a new washing machine because their old one stopped working, but it seems the sales tactics may have influenced some, with 18% replacing their old appliance because they wanted to upgrade to a new, better model. Moving home was a good enough reason to buy a new washing machine for 15% of adults.

Which washing machine brands are rated highest?

When it comes to our washing machine reviews for 2015, consumers who bought a front loader from Miele were the most satisfied with their purchase, while those who opted for a top loader model from either Samsung or Fisher & Paykel were the most convinced that they made the best decision. And they may have fallen short on overall satisfaction, but consumers who bought an LG washing machine were sure they got good value for money.

To buy, or not to buy!

There’s no doubt you’ll find some fantastic deals this end of financial year, if you’re looking for them. But however much you’re willing to spend, and whatever your motivation for buying, make sure you don’t get too distracted by the money-off incentives and still do your homework. If you’re looking for one of the household appliances featured above, chances are you’ll be forking our hundreds of dollars – and you won’t want any unfortunate surprises which could negate the savings you make on the purchase.

Things to consider before buying a new appliance

  • Does it have the capacity to cope with the demand?
  • Is it energy efficient?
  • Does it fit the space in your home you had in mind?
  • How noisy is it?
  • Does it come with the features you wanted?
  • Is it easy to clean?
  • Do you get a lengthy warranty?

These are all questions you should consider before buying any new household appliance. And to learn what consumers think about other appliances not mentioned here, including refrigerators, microwaves and blenders, click here.

Happy bargain hunting!

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