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Seeing double: A guide to double ovens

Getting all of your cooking done with one oven can be a challenge. Could a double oven halve your cooking woes? Find out more at Canstar Blue.

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Review of LG microwave ovens

LG has a huge range of microwaves to choose from, including some of the cheapest and the most expensive around. Take a look at the details with Canstar Blue.

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Review of Kmart microwave ovens

Kmart is home to the cheapest microwave ovens you are likely to find in Australia. Find out which is best for your budget with this review.

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Review of Sharp microwave ovens

Sharp provides a healthy mix of cheap and premium end microwave ovens for your consideration. Compare the range with this review by Canstar Blue.

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Review of Euromaid ovens

Euromaid is a well-known brand of budget home appliances. Canstar Blue reviews Euromaid’s ovens to find out which offer the best value for money.

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