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Cooking up a storm: Food processors reviewed

In a fast-paced world where you barely get time to dip your teabag into hot water, it’s little wonder so many people are looking at ways to cut their time spent in the kitchen while …

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unstacking a dishwasher

How to pick the best dishwasher for your home

Do you miss the days when you would stand at the sink after dinner with your hands plunged into grey, dirty water, laboriously scrubbing every individual cup, plate and spoon? Thought not! In the past 50 …

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magic bullet hero image

Can Magic Bullet cut it with NutriBullet?

If you’re inclined to rush in the morning, like many of us, you might be looking for a breakfast solution. It’s easy to be swept up in a blender frenzy, however, and there’s some truly …

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russell hobbs blender

Russell Hobbs: It’s the Performance that counts

The mean streets of the blender world are not to be taken lightly. While they seem innocuous enough, the difference between a good and bad blender can be astronomical. Traditional blender brands such as Russell …

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kmart blenders banner

Kmart: Cheap and ‘chopful’ blenders

Australians love a good trip to Kmart. When you’re not tempted by the cheap and cutesy homewares, chances are, you’re tempted into buying all of the cheap nifty appliances. Kmart definitely aren’t silly – the …

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