The washing machine that can iron your clothes

Adora-SLQWP thumbnailDoing the laundry can be a rather laborious chore at times, particularly if you’re left with a big pile of ironing to do after the washing is finished. Who has the time to put the washing load on, wait around for the clothes to dry, and then spend an hour or so ironing all those school uniforms and work shirts?

The best innovations are the ones that help solve a problem, and this lengthy washing process is a modern day, first world problem faced by millions of families. So what if you could buy a washing machine that streamlines the process and reduces the need for ironing?

We all want to save time and look our best, which is exactly what the Adora SLQ WP washing machine from V ZUG – a Swiss premium home appliance manufacturer – can deliver. This washing machine, like others in its range, is at the forefront of modern day efficiency and convenience. At the top end of home appliances, it doesn’t come cheap. But what it costs you in dollars, it will save you in time, effort and power bills over the years.

What is the Adora SLQ WP?

In a nutshell, the Adora SLQ WP front loader washing machine boasts a steam and anti-crease function which uses steam to smooth out creases during the washing cycle. It does this so well that ironing may not even be necessary. In addition, V ZUG claims the Adora SLQ WP is the first washing machine in the world to use heat pump technology and is also the world’s most energy efficient washing machine. It also comes with a vibration absorbing system to reduce the noise impact in the home. Another model in the Adora range, the SLW WP, also includes an anti-mite program to kill dust mites.

The Adora SLQ WP is bursting with innovation because of the efficiency and convenience it offers consumers. It’s the first automatic washing machine of its kind to smooth out creases with steam, reducing the need for ironing and shortening the whole laundry process. The Adora SLQ WP is the premium model in the V ZUG washing machine catalogue and its price reflects that. At the time of writing, it’s available for around $4,400.

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