How to pay less for new electronics

electronic salespersonWhen you’re in the market for a new product with a price tag of a few hundred dollars or more, you really do want to get the best deal possible. But getting a bargain is far easier than you might think – all it takes is a little research and one simple question: can you beat this price?

All of our top-rating electronics retailers have a ‘price match’ or ‘price beat’ policy, so this is why doing your homework is so important. To help you out, here is the lowdown on what each retailer promises on its website.

The Good Guys

To pay less at The Good Guys, give evidence of a competitor’s cheaper price (it can be online or in-store), and visit your nearest store. The team member helping you will be likely to check their in-store price and the competing price, and then see if what you’re looking for is in stock.

Another great feature of The Good Guys’ policy is the 30-day price guarantee. To try and make this work for you, make sure you keep your receipt, and keep an eye on competing stores’ prices over the next month or so.

If you do happen to find a cheaper price within 30 days of your purchase with The Good Guys, take your receipt and evidence of a cheaper price at a competing retailer back to the store you bought from. If the item you purchased is still in stock, then you can get a refund on your product – 120% of the difference, The Good Guys says.

See further details and terms and conditions on The Good Guys’ website.

Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman guarantees to match the cheapest price on an identical product, but like any policy, there are conditions.

Take in your supporting evidence of a cheaper price and then Harvey Norman will verify the price is legitimate, and match it. Of course, the item you are after has to be in stock and there are other conditional exclusions that are laid out on its website.

After your purchase, there is a 7-day window to look for a cheaper price; simply go back within those 7-days and the price difference will be refunded to you.

See Harvey Norman’s website for more details and the full list of conditions.

Girl with fathers day gift

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JB-Hi-Fi does not state any price matching guarantee on its website, but you can still get a cheaper price than a competitor in much the same way. It is all about your supporting evidence and being bold enough to ask for a better deal.

Financial advice site Savings Guide has a comprehensive guide to getting a better deal that is specific to JB-Hi-Fi and it is well worth a read if you aren’t so confident with asking for a better deal.

Bing Lee

The price matching policy is pretty standard over at Bing Lee and comes with a handy list of conditions.

They range from simple ones such as ‘the competitor must be registered and have physical stores’, to more complex ones such as ‘no price matching on Grey Imports’.

The full list of Bing Lee’s conditions can be found here.

Dick Smith

Dick Smith has 10 conditions to its price matching policy, which can make things pretty easy for those who are still developing their price matching knowledge and bargaining skills.

As long as you have evidence of a cheaper price on a product in your local area, and Dick Smith has that identical product in stock, you will be able to get it at a cheaper price. However, if the cheaper advertised price is below cost price, you won’t be so likely to get the deal you were hoping for.

For the full list of price matching conditions, see the Dick Smith website.

Two important points

  1. When it comes to bartering on prices, be cheerful and friendly to the employee serving you. Angry customers don’t get good deals and also ruin that worker’s day.
  2. Major Apple products (iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac) are unlikely to be reduced by a great deal, as they are strictly price controlled and make little profit for the retailer. Apple accessories (cases, earphones, etc.), on the other hand do make retailers a lot of money and are where you can bargain a bit.

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