Body Moisturisers – 2011 Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue January 21st 2011

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* Overall satisfaction is an individual rating and not a combined total of all ratings. Brands with equal overall satisfaction ratings are listed in alphabetical order.
Canstar Blue research finalised in 2011, published in 2011.

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Avon scores top marks for body moisturiser

Most Satisfied Customers: Body MoisturisersIt seems the Avon lady is here to stay, with Avon winning the ‘Most Satisfied Customers – Body Moisturisers’ award in our recent survey.

Operating in over 150 countries, and the top direct selling company in Australia, Avon topped every category, including overall satisfaction, price, texture and consistency, scent and packaging.

Avon and Olay both received five stars for effectiveness. This is an interesting result as Olay does not market a body moisturiser in Australia. It does in the U.S. and can be bought online. It seems that respondents use other Olay products as body moisturiser.Our survey also found that most body moisturisers are bought from a supermarket, with nearly three times as much bought here than in a pharmacy, the next most popular location.

We also found that our respondents are not concerned about the organic content of their body moisturiser, with most people not considering this when it comes to brand choice.

While most people were very happy with their body moisturiser, there were some consistent themes when it came to what made them unhappy.

Consistency and absorption were popular concerns, with some body moisturisers too greasy and unable to be absorbed. Our respondents also questioned the effectiveness of some brands, with some unable to see any results after use, or needing to use large amounts to get any result at all.

Price and packaging have also come under fire, with respondents wondering why it is so hard to get the last of the lotion out of the bottle. Many people also asked for more variety when it came to container size.

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to survey 2,500 Australian consumers across a range of categories every few months to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from people who have bought body moisturiser within the survey group. To qualify, the body moisturiser has to have been bought within the last 12 months.

Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall satisfaction

Avon have taken the top honours, receiving five stars for overall satisfaction. Avon was followed by Olay, Palmers, Dove, Vaseline Intensive Care, Neutrogena, Nivea, Garnier, on four stars, and Johnson’s and Palmolive on three stars.


Avon customers are also the most satisfied with the price of their body moisturiser, well ahead of Palmers, Johnson’s and Dove on four stars while Palmolive, Vaseline Intensive Care, Nivea, Olay, Garnier and Neutrogena received three stars.

Texture and consistency

Respondents who used Avon were again the most satisfied, followed by Olay, Palmers, Dove, Vaseline Intensive Care, Johnson’s and Nivea on four stars, and Neutrogena, Palmolive and Garnier on three stars.

Effectiveness (eg. removes dryness)

Avon and Olay could not be separated in this area, both receiving five stars. They were followed by Palmers, Dove, Nivea, Vaseline Intensive Care, Johnson’s and Neutrogena on four stars, and Garnier and Palmolive on three stars.


Avon users are the most satisfied with the smell of their body moisturiser, followed by Palmers, Olay and Dove with four stars, and Garnier, Palmolive, Nivea, Vaseline Intensive Care, Neutrogena and Johnson’s on three stars.

Packaging and ease of dispensing

Avon completes the clean sweep by receiving five stars for packaging. Olay, Vaseline Intensive Care, Johnson’s, Dove, Garnier and Nivea received four stars, followed by Palmers, Neutrogena and Palmolive on three stars.