Baby Food – 2012 Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue September 6th 2012

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Parents raise a generation of ‘home-fed’ babies

Parents Pick Award - Baby Food - 2012Australia’s littlest tummies are being nourished by parents who prefer to serve them a wholesome home-cooked meal, our recent survey results have shown.

In fact, four in five parents preferred to make their own baby food because they would rather know exactly what was going into their child’s tummy. However, despite this, a quarter of Mums and Dads said they thought their baby preferred commercial baby food to their home-cooked efforts.

More than two thirds of parents declared they would like to see more gourmet and organic baby food options become available in supermarkets. That wasn’t all though, as we also recorded a number of parents who wished to see a wider range of culturally sensitive food become available in stores; such as kosher or halal baby foods (38%).

Two thirds of respondents considered commercial baby food a quick, easy and cheap way to feed their baby…but for the baby with a sophisticated palette, only the best will do!

The winning baby food brand in terms of customer satisfaction was Rafferty’s Garden – ahead of other rated brands Heinz, ALDI (which included ALDI Mamia and Baby’s Own), Only Organic and Farex.

While Rafferty’s was the clear winner, ALDI also stood out for its five star rating for value for money.

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We found a few more interesting facts in our survey: one being that 13% of parents had incorporated baby food into their own diet to try and lose weight. Furthermore, nearly twice as many males as females (19% versus 10%) had tried out the baby food diet.

Canstar Blue regularly commissions leading independent research specialists Colmar Brunton to survey Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction.

These results power Canstar Blue’s Customer Satisfaction Awards in which products and services are rated based on the experiences of consumers who have used them.

These baby food ratings are part of the Parent’s Pick Awards which surveyed 1500 Australian parents and cover a number of categories. The outcomes reported are the results from parents who had purchased baby food in the last three months in the survey group, in this case, 647 people. Brands had to have received at least 30 responses to be included.

Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall customer satisfaction

Baby food can’t always be easily whipped up, but thankfully Rafferty’s Garden is on hand and fits the bill with five stars for overall customer satisfaction. Heinz, ALDI and Only Organic were next with four star ratings for this criterion; followed by Farex with three.

Value for money

ALDI took out the top spot for baby food value ahead of four star recipients Heinz and Farex. Rafferty’s Garden and Only Organic each received three stars.

Variety of sweet and savoury options

Customers of Rafferty’s Garden were most satisfied with their brand’s variety of savoury and sweet options; allowing Rafferty’s to achieve another five star rating. Both Heinz and ALDI also stood out for this criterion, earning four stars each; while Only Organic and Farex received three.

No added salt/sugar/preservatives

For the level of salt, sugar and preservatives in their products; Rafferty’s Garden received a five star rating; while Heinz, ALDI, Only Organic and Farex received four stars each.

Use of quality ingredients (e.g. organic)

Rafferty’s Garden was top of the food chain again, receiving five stars for the quality of ingredients. Both Heinz and Only Organic achieved four star ratings; while ALDI and Farex followed with three.

Ease of opening and dispensing

No need to struggle with tricky lids anymore: Rafferty’s Garden has received five stars for the ease of opening and dispensing. Heinz and ALDI earned four stars each, while Only Organic and Farex took out three.

Something my child enjoys

Rafferty’s Garden customers were most satisfied that their baby food was something their child enjoyed, putting the brand out in front with five stars. Heinz, Only Organic and ALDI all followed with four star ratings, and Farex achieved three.

Nutritional value

Rafferty’s Garden received five stars for the nutritional value of their baby food; followed by four star recipients Heinz, Only Organic, ALDI and Farex.