Multivitamins – 2012 Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue January 18th 2013

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* Overall satisfaction is an individual rating and not a combined total of all ratings. Brands with equal overall satisfaction ratings are listed in alphabetical order.

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Three in five risk medication interactions by neglecting to declare vitamins

Most Satisfied Customers 2012: MultivitaminsOur latest customer satisfaction survey revealed a somewhat worrying fact – three in five multivitamin consumers do not include multivitamins when asked to declare which medications they are taking.

More than half of our respondents said they did not know that multivitamins were considered medication – which may explain why they do not declare them in the first place.

One third of respondents said their health practitioner had recommended they take a multivitamin but there did appear to be a degree of consumer confusion in the category, with 60 percent saying they found the choice overwhelming.

Finding the best supplement comes with some difficulty according to our survey, but Canstar Blue has made things a little easier – rating multivitamin brands according to customer satisfaction as reported by respondents.

Two years running, Centrum has received our award for customer satisfaction in this category –scoring five stars in a number of areas including overall satisfaction, value and availability.

Along with Centrum, Canstar Blue rated Cenovis, Blackmores, Swisse, Nature’s Way and Nature’s Own, with the brands rating highly in a number of areas including value for money (a rating also shared with Blackmores), pill size, taste, availability and its available range of packaging sizes.

Canstar Blue commissions Colmar Brunton to regularly survey 2,500 Australian consumers across a range of categories to measure and track customer satisfaction. The outcomes reported are the results from multivitamin customers within the survey group – in this case, 1,443 people. To qualify, the customer must have purchased multivitamins in the last 12 months.

Brands must receive at least 30 responses to be included. Results are comparative and it should be noted that brands that received three stars have still achieved a satisfaction measure of at least six out of 10.

Overall customer satisfaction

Centrum led the other rated brands in this category, receiving a five star rating for overall customer satisfaction. Next were Cenovis and Blackmores with four stars each; then Swisse, Nature’s Way and Nature’s Own each received three stars for this criterion.

Value for money

There is nothing more valuable than good health – it is certainly worth investing in but needn’t cost the earth. Offering the best value in the multivitamins category based on the responses of survey respondents were Centrum, Cenovis and Blackmores with each receiving five star ratings for value for money. Swisse and Nature’s Way received a four star rating for value with Nature’s Own awarded three stars.

Size of pill

Customers proved most satisfied with the size of their Cenovis multivitamins, so the brand was recognised with a five star rating in this area. Centrum, Blackmores and Nature’s Way all followed with four star ratings; Swisse and Nature’s Own finished with three.

Effectiveness of multivitamin

Three quarters of respondents claimed to “feel better” when taking a daily multivitamin. Centrum recorded the highest customer satisfaction for the claimed effectiveness of its multivitamin as reported by respondents and received five stars in this area. Cenovis and Blackmores received four stars with three star ratings awarded to Swisse, Nature’s Own and Nature’s Way.


When it came to taste, there was no bitter pill to swallow for Cenovis – the brand achieving a five star rating for the taste of its multivitamins. Following Cenovis with four stars were Centrum, Blackmores and Nature’s Way; then Swisse and Nature’s Own each receiving three.

Availability (e.g. online, pharmacy, supermarkets)

Customers of both Centrum and Cenovis were most satisfied with the availability of their multivitamins in stores – both brands received five stars, followed by Blackmores, Swisse and Nature’s Way. Nature’s Own finished with three stars for multivitamin availability.

Range of packaging sizes available

When it came to the convenience in the range of packaging sizes it was Cenovis leading the pack according to our survey respondents. The brand received five stars for this criterion with Centrum, Blackmores and Nature’s Way awarded four stars and Swisse and Nature’s Own finishing with three.