Taste Awards – 2012 Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue August 9th 2012

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Taste trumps price in Canstar Blue’s 2012 Taste Awards

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It’s official: Australians are more interested in a tasty rather than cheap meal, with nearly three quarters of respondents to our recent survey refusing to sacrifice taste for price.

In a similar vein, more than a third of shoppers steered away from home brand or generic grocery products, while nearly two thirds made efforts to purchase Australian brands…even if it was harder on their wallets.

In short, Australian shoppers are more likely to opt for the most delicious product they can get their hands on no matter what the cost.

Therefore, we’ve endeavoured to round up the best of these supermarket ‘must-haves’ in our Taste Awards. In our results, we’ve looked at a broad spectrum of food products to help you get the most out of your weekly shop.

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Dry Pasta
Frozen Meals
Milk Chocolate
Muesli Bars
Orange Juice
Tea Bags
Tinned Tuna
Tomato Sauce
Cracker Biscuits
Frozen Pies
Frozen Vegetables
Ice Cream
Instant Coffee
Packaged White Bread
Potato Chips

Canstar Blue Taste Award Winners

Best in the pantry

Category Award winner Date published
Dry pasta Balducci August 2012
Tomato sauce Fountain August 2012
Tea bags Madura August 2012
Milk chocolate (block) Cadbury August 2012
Cordial Bickfords August 2012
Muesli bars Weight Watchers August 2012
Tinned tuna Sirena August 2012
Potato chips Red Rock Deli March 2012
Cracker biscuits Nabisco March 2012
Instant coffee Moccona March 2012

Aussies looking for the perfect cup of tea should look for Madura in the supermarket aisles: our go-to brand for tea bag taste. However – given Australia’s climate – parched Australians might also be interested in our Taste Award winner for cordial: Bickfords.

Shoppers may enjoy the occasional snack, but not at the expense of their health. Nearly two thirds of respondents chose a muesli bar brand based on how healthy it was for them. Proving healthy can also be tasty; customers of Weight Watchers considered their muesli bar brand the tastiest, earning them our award.

Customers on the lookout for a more savoury pantry snack can check out Sirena for a five star tasting tin of tuna.

While muesli bar shoppers sought healthy options, chocolate lovers weren’t as convinced. In fact, 84% of milk chocolate customers said they were interested in taste and didn’t really care whether it was good for them or not! And the tastiest milk chocolate brand? Cadbury was our winner with consumers nominating the brand as the tastiest in the milk chocolate category.

For many homes, spaghetti is a real family favourite for dinner, and consumers told us Balducci was the best tasting dry pasta (though we’re assuming that’s after it’s been cooked). Another household staple that ends up on plenty of plates is a decent dose of tomato sauce. Australian-born brand Fountain was the tastiest tomato sauce according to consumers.

More than two thirds of instant coffee shoppers bought the same brand of coffee week in and week out with brand loyalty higher than any other rated food category in our March survey. When compared with other brands, Moccona was the one that delivered on taste according to consumers; making it our winner in the instant coffee category.

Lastly, Red Rock Deli chips proved an award-winning treat for potato chip connoisseurs, while American brand Nabisco received our taste award for cracker biscuits.

Best Fresh Food

Category Award winner Date published
Packaged white bread Abbott’s Village Bakery March 2012

Australians hungry for a slice of toast with their morning coffee (perhaps a Moccona?) should look for a loaf of Abbott’s Village Bakery: our Taste Award winner for packaged white bread.

Best in the Fridge

Category Award winner Date published
Orange juice Original Juice Co. Black Label August 2012
Butter Lurpak August 2012
Yoghurt Gippsland March 2012
Margarine Nuttelex March 2012
Cheese Mainland March 2012

Orange juice tastes better when it comes from our own backyard according to Australian consumers with 87% of those surveyed stating they do not think imported juice tastes better than local products. In that regard, Original Juice Co. Black Label was top of the list for its orange juice taste.

We also looked at several butter and margarine brands; with Lurpak cementing itself as the best buy for butter taste according to consumers, while long-standing Australian brand Nuttelex received our taste award for margarine. Both are surely a perfect match with toasted Abbott’s Village Bakery bread.

Many of our survey respondents were divided on whether to buy a healthy product or not, with nearly half of yoghurt customers opting for healthier yoghurt products instead of others. For tp taste, Gippsland Dairy outmatched seven other brands to be named our award winner for yoghurt. For the five star taste of their blocks of cheese, Mainland received our award (a fine match for our cracker biscuits winner).

Best in the Freezer

Category Award winner Date published
Frozen meals ALDI August 2012
Ice cream Connoisseur March 2012
Frozen pies ALDI March 2012
Frozen vegetables ALDI March 2012

Frozen meals are a time-saver but not all are created equal. One stood out from the pack – ALDI Frozen Meals received our Taste Award for this category, ahead of six other brands. ALDI’s winning streak carried over to frozen pies and frozen vegetables, earning them two more of our Taste Awards.

Nearly 80% of ice cream shoppers appreciated the finer things in life, claiming that premium ice cream brands were tastier than generic products. This fast became clear in our survey results; with dessert brand Connoisseur scooping up our award for its great ice cream taste.