Electricity Providers – NSW – 2014 Ratings

Posted by Canstar Blue November 1st 2016

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Canstar Blue research finalised in November 2014, published in January 2015.

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Competition heats up in the New South Wales electricity market

As of July 2014, the electricity market in New South Wales is entirely deregulated.

That means the utility companies set their own prices, competition between each of them increases, and you – as a consumer – have greater latitude to negotiate a better deal for yourself.

Indeed, a report released by the Australian Energy Market Commission stated that Australians could save $300 – $400 annually on ‘market-based’ electricity provider plans (i.e. electricity plans unregulated by the Government).

Even (most of) the customers who paid their bills late on a market-offered plan are eligible for these kinds of savings. That’s good news for the nearly one in four New South Welshmen and women who struggle to pay their bills on time, according to our latest survey results.

In the last few years, many New South Welshmen have made a switch to an unregulated plan. However, this newfound competition has left roughly three in five of our survey respondents daunted by the prospect of switching.

However, such a significant expense should be reviewed annually, even if it can be a bit of a chore. We have once again compared different electricity providers – six different companies from NSW who are ready to fight for your patronage.

Red Energy delivers high voltage results in our 2014 ratings
So, which is best? In terms of overall customer satisfaction, Red Energy has come out ahead. This brand received our award for 2014, in front of AGL, Dodo Power & Gas, Energy Australia, Lumo Energy, and Origin Energy. Let us now throw a spotlight on the brands that truly excelled.

Red Energy

A third of Australians who took our survey cited value for money as their chief driver of electricity customer satisfaction. These Aussies (and many others) will be happy to see Red Energy excel in this area – receiving five stars for power plan value. This company also received five stars for billing, customer service, and information / advice regarding the efficient usage of power to save money.

Lumo Energy

If reliability is a main selling point for you, it’s worth noting that Lumo Energy was the only rated brand (in our NSW results anyway) to receive five stars for its uninterrupted supply of electricity to homes. Additionally, it achieved five stars for availability of payment plan options.

Energy Australia

The other rated brand that deserves a round of applause is Energy Australia, who received a top rating in these results for the information it publishes to consumers on efficient energy usage.