2015 Clothes Dryer Brands Reviews

Posted by Canstar Blue May 18th 2015

These are the 2015 Ratings for Clothes Dryers. For the current customer satisfaction ratings please see the latest Clothes Dryer Ratings.

Compare some of the best clothes dryer brands using our customer satisfaction reviews and take some of the hassle out of laundry.

* Overall satisfactionn is an individual rating and not a combined total of all ratings. Brands with equal overall satisfaction ratings are listed in alphabetical order.
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Canstar Blue research finalised in February 2015, published in March 2015.

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2015 Award for Clothes Dryers

Most Satisfied Customers | Fisher & Paykel

Fisher & Paykel has beaten the other rated brands to the highest in overall satisfaction, as well as topping our survey in the areas of value for money, drying time and performance & reliability.

Fisher & Paykel hangs competitors out to dry when it comes to customer satisfaction

Your clothes dryer is one of those appliances you essentially take for granted: it sits in your laundry, it does what it’s designed to do, and that’s about it.

However, the importance of the humble dryer to Aussie households shouldn’t be underestimated: more than a quarter of Aussies reported that they use their dryer after every wash in our recent survey, with 31% also saying they use this appliance even when it’s sunny outside.

At Canstar Blue, we commission research into the opinions of everyday Aussies to find out what products they are most satisfied with, and the essential appliance that is the clothes dryer is no exception. Our 2015 results are in, and we’re happy to say we’ve found an award-winner: Fisher & Paykel has beaten the other rated brands to score the highest in overall satisfaction, as well as topping our survey in the areas of value for money, drying time and performance & reliability.

Impressive results were also recorded by Electrolux – close behind overall with four stars – which received five stars for clothes dryer quietness, design, warranty, customer service and the feel of clothes after the drying cycle. For a full breakdown of how each brand fared, read on.

What will your new clothes dryer cost you each year?

Of 93 clothes dryer models available on the Equipment Energy Efficiency Website at time of print,

  • the average cost per model (RRP) was $621,
  • the average load capacity ranged from three to nine kilograms, and
  • the average energy usage over 52 cycles was 240kW per dryer.

According to EUAA, the average cost of electricity is 25 cents per kWh (in 2012). Therefore, running your dryer once a week for a year costs roughly $62.50. Within six years, that becomes a $1,000 purchase!

We recommend you look up the wattage of your potential dryer purchase and use the widget on SA.gov.au to calculate your annual appliance running costs.

According to our 2014 survey, Queenslanders are most likely to limit the usage of their dryer due to power prices: 85% of sunshine state respondents in fact. Comparatively, 68% of New South Wales men and women agreed, as did 74% of Victorians.
Looking for alternatives to your stock standard dryer? Read our guides on both condenser and gas powered clothes dryers. Or, check out our buying guide for clothes dryers to help you shop for a conventional vented model.

2015 clothes dryer results breakdown

Value for money

Everybody loves a bargain, and we had two brands score five-star ratings when it came to bang for buck. Fisher & Paykel and LG both topped the satisfaction ratings for value for money, and were followed by Simpson and Electrolux on four stars each as well as Whirlpool on three.

Performance & reliability

The reliability of any appliance is one of the most highly-valued qualities sought after by prospective owners. When it came to performance and reliability, no brand equalled Fisher & Paykel, which scored five stars for its high-quality machines. Close behind were LG, Simpson and Electrolux on four stars each, then Whirlpool with three.

Clothes drying time

The other highest-weighted area of performance was probably the most important one of all: how fast do clothes dry in these machines? In this regard, it seems Aussies are extremely satisfied with what’s currently on offer: three brands achieved five-star ratings for how quickly they dried laundry, with LG, Simpson and Fisher & Paykel coming out on top. Electrolux and Whirlpool also performed well, with ratings of four and three stars respectively.


The rotating motion and rapid heating used in a dryer means they aren’t exactly renowned for their quietness. That being said, one brand did take out the top gong for how noisy it was(n’t).

Customers were most satisfied with the quietness of Electrolux clothes dryers, with the brand taking out the five star rating in this area. LG and Fisher & Paykel both achieved four stars, whilst Simpson and Whirlpool both achieved three.


Even the most utilitarian appliances these days are becoming the focus of some serious visual makeovers, and we found that the most ‘designer’ of them all was Electrolux, with a five star rating for the design of its clothes dryers. Close behind were LG, Simpson and Fisher & Paykel with four stars each, then Whirlpool with three.


The five-star rating for satisfaction when it came to warranty guarantee was topped by two brands: LG and Electrolux. An extensive warranty lets you relax in the knowledge that your dryer can be repaired or replaced free of charge for a long time to come. Fisher & Paykel and Simpson followed the previous two brands and securing four-star ratings, whilst Whirlpool achieved a three star rating.

Customer service

Providing good after sales service to your customers is an important focus for any brand, and the Aussies we surveyed were most satisfied with Electrolux in this regard. Following the five star brand was LG and Fisher & Paykel, both with four star ratings for service, as well as Simpson and Whirlpool with three star ratings.

Feel of the clothes after drying

There are few better simple pleasures than taking a warm armful of laundry out of your dryer on a cold day. LG, Fisher & Paykel and Electrolux all achieved the maximum five stars in this regard, suggesting they’re the ones to look for if you want your laundry treated right. Simpson and Whirlpool also came in with good ratings, securing four and three stars respectively.