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Alinta Energy Review

Electricity and gas provider Alinta Energy operates in both the Western Australian market and in the eastern states, stating that its “goal is to make energy more affordable for all Australians”.

Alinta commenced operations in Western Australia as AlintaGas in 1995 after the State Energy Commission of Western Australia was broken up. Owned by global private investment firm TPG, Alinta now operates in Western Australia, Victoria, South Australia and New South Wales.

“At Alinta Energy, we believe that energy should be affordable for every Australian home, every Australian business, every Australian,” Alinta states. “We are dedicated to keeping it fair in everything we do – fair prices, fair plans and fair communication.

“How are we able to offer cheap energy in a rapidly changing market? Years of experience, our own power generation capabilities, and offers that value you over profit margins. We’re keeping it simple so that every Australian can benefit from cheap energy today and in the future.”

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What does Alinta Energy offer?

Customers interested in signing up to an Alinta plan can do so via Alinta’s website, comparing its electricity and gas plans, or contact Alinta via phone, with the option to fill out a form online and request either a call back or contact via email.

Alinta residential electricity plans, which vary state by state, include its:

  • Fair Deal 20: providing customers 20 per cent off their electricity usage when they pay their account in full and on time, with no lock-in contract and no exit fees, with South Australian customers who bundle with natural gas getting 10 per cent off their natural gas usage (available in New South Wales and South Australia).
  • Fair Deal 35: providing customers 35 per cent off their electricity usage for each account paid on time and in full, while customers who bundle natural gas will get 15 per cent off their natural gas usage, with no lock-in contract and no exit fees (available in Victoria).

Alinta also provides solar options for consumers in South Australia, Victoria and Western Australia, with its offers differing state by state.

Solar power with Alinta Energy

Alinta sells solar PV systems in Western Australia, offering a range of packages, with consumers able to register their interest, and to request a tailored quote, via the Alinta website, or by contacting Alinta by phone.

“We’re making solar simple,” Alinta states. “From understanding how solar works, selecting the right system – through to installation and after-sales care. Our expert solar team will take care of the entire process and provide you with guidance and advice from start to finish.”

When it comes to account management, Alinta customers can access their account details online via Alinta’s MyAccount.

“MyAccount lets you manage your Alinta Energy account through one convenient hub, and gives you secure online access to your information 24/7,” Alinta states. “It’s fast and easy to use and gives you greater flexibility so you can take control of your energy account.”

Customers can access MyAccount for functions including: accessing bills online, managing bills and payments, setting up automated direct debit payments, and reviewing their energy usage and history.

Customers can register to receive their bills via email, rather than via post, with Alinta providing a range of payment options, including payment by credit card via its online account payment service.

Other payment options include by direct debit, setting up either monthly or quarterly instalments, BPay, by credit card via phone, by mail via cheque and in person at a post office.

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