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About Aurora Energy

Aurora Energy is an electricity and gas retailer for homes and businesses across Tasmania.

Its history

In 1998 the Tasmanian Hydro Electric Commission (which was then charged with all aspects of energy), was broken up into separate divisions – generation, transmission, distribution and retail. Aurora Energy was founded and charged with both distribution and retail divisions. The company remains Government owned at the time of writing, though there is some discussion of privatisation in the future.

Aurora Energy prides itself on accountability and claims it strives to build a relationship of trust with its customers. The company says it is active in the community, supporting a number of local community events.

What does Aurora Energy offer?

Aurora Energy retails electricity and gas to households and businesses in most areas of Tasmania. The same rate is applied for respective tariffs regardless of your location.


Aurora Energy lists the following electricity rates for residential properties.

Light and Power – Tariff 31
Fixed charges 89.389 ¢/day
Usage charges 25.200 ¢/kWh
Hot Water – Tariff 41
Fixed charges 17.312 ¢/day
Usage charges 15.197 ¢/kWh
Off-peak with afternoon boost period – Tariff 61
Fixed charges 21.939 ¢/day
Usage charges 12.235 ¢/kWh
Off-peak, night only period – Tariff 62
Fixed charges 21.939 ¢/day
Usage charges 11.524 ¢/kWh

Businesses will need to contact Aurora Energy to see what rates apply to them. Commercial electricity rates will vary depending if your business is recognised as a small, medium or large business.


Aurora claims to have the lowest prices in Tasmania for natural gas, offering 11.232 c/kWh an hour on usage with a fixed fee of 46.200 c/day (at the time of writing).

Again, business rates will depend on the size of your business, so you will need to contact Aurora to see if it’s right for you.


Aurora is a GreenPower accredited energy retailer. This gives customers the option to have some or all of their electricity sourced from renewable sources at an additional cost. This additional cost is added on to your standard electricity bill. The rates are as follows:

% of GreenPower Price
10% 0.602 cents/kWh
20% 1.205 cents/kWh
50% 3.012 cents/kWh
75% 4.517 cents/kWh
100% 6.023 cents/kWh

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