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Blue NRG Review

Blue NRG is an electricity retailer servicing the major energy networks across New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. While the company focuses on business electricity retail, Blue NRG now extends its offers to residential customers.

Blue NRG says that it helps its customers reduce its energy expenses with competitive prices as well as a myriad of energy saving solutions. This includes energy audit services, web portal management services and over the phone customer support.

What does Blue NRG offer?

Blue NRG doesn’t dress its electricity deals up in discounts and features like most other retailers. Instead, its market offers are similar to respective network standing offers, albeit it with lower rates for the length of the contract term. All Blue NRG smart metered customers are billed monthly rather than quarterly which, the company claims, helps its customers better manage their budgets.

Blue NRG Business offers

Business customers who use less than 160MWh in Victoria and South Australia and less than 100MWh in New South Wales are treated as small businesses. Small business customers have a choice of three or four tariff options depending on their distribution network.

Large business customers looking to sign up with Blue NRG will need to contact the retailer directly to negotiate a tailored product for their business. Blue NRG holds itself out as a specialist in multi-site, franchises, corporations, associations and body corporates – so large business customers can rest assured they’re in experienced hands.

Blue NRG residential offers

Blue NRG may focus more on its business services, but the company also supplies electricity to residential customers in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia. Once again, Blue NRG’s residential market offers don’t include any discounts or bonuses in an effort to be more transparent – what you’re charged is what you pay, simple as that. That said, residential customers may still choose their tariff depending on their meter and network.

The Blue NRG website doesn’t include much more information about its residential services. If you’re interested in signing up your household, you should call Blue NRG a call to learn more.

Blue NRG renewable energy options

Blue NRG claims its aim isn’t to sell you more energy, but to help its customers cut costs and minimise their environmental impact. Blue NRG says it works with customers to find opportunities where renewable generators can help cut power costs.

That said, the energy price factsheets on the Blue NRG website do not provide for any retailer-funded solar feed-in tariff. That means that unless you’re signed up to a government-mandated solar bonus scheme, you won’t receive any credit for your exported solar power.

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