Click Energy Review

Click Energy is a Melbourne-based electricity and gas retailer, which claims that it’s able to offer its customers cheap energy plans because it operates 100 per cent online.

Owned by a number of private equity investors – both Australian and from overseas – Click Energy was established in 2006, and operates two customer service teams in both Melbourne and Brisbane. However, it primarily encourages customers to make contract via email.

Click operates in the Victorian, Queensland, News South Wales and South Australian electricity markets, and at the beginning of 2015 it launched a range of gas products for its Victorian customers. Click states that it’s also investigating the possibilities of introducing gas in its other serviced states.

How does an online energy retailer work?

Being an online energy company, Click claims to be “fast and straightforward” to deal with,  placing emphasis on the benefits of going online, stating that there is no need for customers to wait on the phone to speak to a customer service representative when they can just send an email. “As a 100 per cent online energy retailer, we’re able to lower our costs and make it easy for our customers to save money on their bills,” Click says.

Click additionally highlights the benefits of simplicity, stating it likes “to do things a bit differently to most electricity companies”, with its mission being “to make electricity as simple as possible” for its customers.

“Our customers can also rest easy in the knowledge that we won’t bother them with unnecessary emails or calls unless we absolutely have to,” Click adds. “We’re still going to be here just a phone call or an email away should any of our customers want to speak to us at any time.”

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What’s on offer from Click Energy?

Click offers a number of electricity and gas plans for both homes and businesses, with customers able to sign up via its website, being taken through the process step-by-step (with the option to call the customer service team also available).

Plans vary state-by-state, tailored for both residential and business use, ranging from plans for small, medium and large households, to plans designed for solar panel owners. When a customer enters their household details online, Click will make a suggestion as to the best plan for their requirements. Click’s energy plans are generally easy to understand and come with memorable names, including:

  • Click Elite
  • Click Jade
  • Click Ruby
  • Click Shine
  • Click Superior
  • Click People Power

Click also offers consumers the option of going with its Click Natural plan, which comes with GreenPower (a voluntary government accredited program that enables an electricity provider to purchase renewable energy on a household’s or business’ behalf).

Click Energy has no lock-in contracts, does not charge exit fees, and provides its customers with discounts when they pay their bills on time. These discounts vary between states and require customers to pay their bills on time, via approved payment methods, and receive their bills via email. Some Click plans include ongoing discounts, compared to most providers which only offer discounts for fixed terms.

“Not only do we offer electricity rates that are competitively low, but also customers who pay their electricity bills on time get a generous discount off their next bill as an added bonus,” Click states.

When it comes to billing, some of Click’s plans work on a monthly, and others on a quarterly, billing cycle, while customers in Victoria with a smart meter will automatically be billed monthly. Individual payment plans can also be arranged.

Click Energy states that it introduced monthly billing to save its customers from bill shock as a result of three months’ worth of electricity compiled into one bill, with monthly bills in turn helping with budgeting.

In terms of payment options, customers have the choice of paying their bills by direct debit, via Click’s online payment facility, by BPay, or by telephone.

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