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Electricity and gas provider EnergyAustralia provides services for both residential and business (large and small) customers, stating that it offers “tailored energy solutions, competitive rates and helpful customer service”.

EnergyAustralia was formerly known as TRUenergy, with TRUenergy acquiring EnergyAustralia, one of the largest energy retailers in New South Wales, from the New South Wales government in 2011, officially changing its name to EnergyAustralia in 2012.

EnergyAustralia, which is owned by CLP Group, operates in the Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia, with its interests extending from its retail business to energy generation and storage.

What’s on offer from EnergyAustralia?

“As one of Australia’s largest energy companies, we own and operate a multi-billion dollar portfolio of energy generation and storage facilities, including coal, gas and wind assets,” EnergyAustralia states.

EnergyAustralia offers a number of different electricity and gas plans to residential customers, including:

  • Flexi Saver: a variable rate plan providing a pay-on-time discount, along with a bonus 2% discount when customers agree to receive their bill and welcome pack by email, and bonus credit in some states, with no exit fees. The discount amount varies between states, with the offer available in New South Wales, the ACT, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. In some cases, it also comes with a 62 day credit for fixed supply charges.
  • Rate Fix: providing for no rate rises over two years, with bonus credit provided on the first bill, varying state by state (available in New South Wales and South Australia).
  • Power Plan: a variable rate plan providing a pay-on-time discount, with customers being provided with a $50 Power to End Hunger donation or $100 ‘Port Store’ voucher via EnergyAustralia’s partnership with the Port Adelaide Football Club (available in South Australia only).
  • Anytime Saver: a variable rate plan with no exit fees (available in Victoria only).

EnergyAustralia additionally offers green energy with selected plans in the form of its PureEnergy options, incorporating either 10, 20 or 100% GreenPower – a voluntary government accredited program that enables an electricity provider to purchase renewable energy on behalf of a household or business.

“When you purchase PureEnergy, you’re supporting the production of electricity from government accredited renewable sources (such as solar, wind, hydro and biomass) over and above mandatory targets,” EnergyAustralia explains.

“This clean energy does not feed directly into your power supply, but is added to the electricity grid on your behalf. You will continue to receive your electricity supply from the grid, which is made up of a mix of generation sources.”

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Solar power with EnergyAustralia

EnergyAustralia also offers a range of solar power systems, designed for different energy needs and budgets, with all of its systems including solar panels, an inverter and full installation. Customers interested in solar can request a callback via an online form or call EnergyAustralia directly.

EnergyAustralia also offers the Tesla Powerwall home battery, which operates in conjunction with a solar PV system to store energy for later use, in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria. It additionally offers a range of heating and cooling and hot water systems, and provides repairs and servicing.

Customers can manage their account online via EnergyAustralia’s My Account, controlling how they receive bills, viewing and paying bills, and managing account holders.

EnergyAustralia offers bill payment options including online payment by credit card via My Account or its online payment service, by direct debit, BPay, by cheque or money order via mail, and by telephone or in person at an Australia Post office. Customers can also set up a personalised instalment plan designed to suit their particular circumstances.

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