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GloBird Energy Review

Melbourne-based energy retailer GloBird Energy services residential and business customers throughout Victoria, stating that it brings “energy users more choice and better value”.

Established in 2014, GloBird’s founder John McCluskey says he has leveraged a background in IT to deliver flexible and smart back office operations, automating work processes, and in turn keeps costs down for customers.

“GloBird Energy is a completely independent energy retailer using technology to run a smarter, more efficient business. We help keep the market competitive and drive rates down,” GloBird says of its approach.

GloBird additionally states that it uses the latest technology and power of cloud computing to run a leaner, less labour-intensive back office and can pass these savings onto its customers.

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What does GloBird Energy offer?

Placing an emphasis on listening to what customers want, GloBird doesn’t have lock-in contracts or complex energy plans, but claims that consumers can save up to 40 per cent off retail rates with its deals.

“Compare your electricity rates against GloBird’s competitive price structure and save on your electricity costs whilst speaking to real people over the phone who can offer one-on-one customer care to meet your needs,” GloBird states on its website.

Consumers can compare and sign-up for GloBird’s plans online, or by contacting GloBird by phone. They can additionally fill out an online form requesting GloBird get in touch with them, or communicate with GloBird via its online chat function.

GloBird also offers a service via which consumers can either text or email a photo of their current bill to see how much they can save.

“Let us do the maths and get back to you with a comparison quote highlighting just how much you can save,” GloBird states.

GloBird’s residential plans include:
• GloSave: for small-to-average-size households, or low-to-average energy users, this plan provides a 33 per cent pay on time discount on their entire bill (daily charge and energy usage), which includes an extra 1 per cent for customers whom pay by direct debt, or a 32 per cent pay on time discount without direct debit.
• Boost: for large-size households, or well-above-average energy users, this plan provides a 40 per cent pay on time discount on energy usage, which includes an extra 1 per cent for customers on direct debt, or a 39 per cent pay on time discount without direct debit.
GloBird Energy also offers a solar feed-in tariff, with further information available via its website or by contacting GloBird by phone. Price factsheets for all plans are easily accessible here.

Normally issuing bills monthly, GloBird provides customers with a number of payment options, including online via the Commonwealth Bank’s BPoint payment facility, catering for credit card payments.

Other payment options include by direct debit, BPay, by Visa, MasterCard or American Express via phone, by cheque via mail and in person at GloBird’s office.

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