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Infinite Energy is a solar and business electricity retailer operating in parts of Queensland and Western Australia. It claims it has developed a strong customer-focused proposition, emphasising the importance of great customer service both pre and post-sale.

Infinite Energy believes it separates itself from its competition by supplying world leading products and treating its customers as they themselves would like to be treated.

In Western Australia, Infinite Energy operates in all areas from Geraldton to Albany, including Kalgoorlie. The company only retails electricity in Perth and the south-west of Western Australia however. In Queensland, Infinite Energy’s solar services are available across most of the south-east from the Gold Coast to the Sunshine Coast.

What Does Infinite Energy Offer?

Infinite Energy retails and installs solar systems for both homes and businesses, and sells electricity to WA businesses.

Solar Services

Infinite Energy doesn’t advertise any solar packages, instead offering fully customisable residential and business solar solutions. Infinite Energy use tier 1 solar panels from Canadian Solar, REC, Winaico and SunPower, as well as quality inverters from Fronius, SMA and ABB. You will need to contact Infinite Energy for a consultation to find out how much a solar system will cost, however the company does provide the below price estimates.

System size Expected price
1.5 kW $2,900- $5,400
3kW $4,000-$7,700
5kW $7,000-$11,700
10kW $13,000-$25,000

Electricity Retail

Infinite Energy says it offers Western Australian businesses a lower tariff than its competitors, and customises its plans to suit its customers’ electricity consumption. Infinite Energy says it strives to make switching providers as easy as possible, guaranteeing no interruption to your supply during the transfer. Tariff rates are negotiated upon consultation, so you will need to contact Infinite Energy to see if it’s right for you.

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