Lumo Energy Review

Posted by Simon Downes June 8th 2016


Lumo Energy is an electricity and gas retailer, servicing both residential and business customers across four states. It claims to have “an electricity or gas package for everyone”.

Lumo is 100 per cent Australian-owned, having been acquired by Snowy Hydro in 2014. It offers both electricity and natural gas packages in the Victorian and New South Wales markets, but following its purchase by Snowy Hydro, customers in NSW have been transferred over to the company’s other brand, Red Energy. Lumo additional operates as an electricity retailer in the South Australian and Queensland markets.

What’s on offer from Lumo Energy?

Lumo places a strong emphasis on its customer service, stating that it always strives “to do our best, and the best by our customers”. Those customers are able to get in touch with Lumo both online and via its customer service centre by telephone.

Customers looking to switch to Lumo Energy can do so by filling in an online form – with a Lumo representative calling them back – or by contacting the customer service team directly. “Whether you love cheap electricity and gas, rewards, are a green energy fan, or just want a no-frills, no-strings-type deal, we’ve got something for you,” Lumo states.

When it comes to its home energy deals, Lumo offers a range of packages for home owners and renters designed for a variety of different energy usage scenarios. These offers include a package incorporating GreenPower – the government’s voluntary accredited program enabling an electricity provider to purchase renewable energy on behalf of a household or business.

Lumo Energy’s plans vary across the states, but they include the following:

  • Lumo Advantage: Lumo claims this variable rate plan offers its “best rates”, with pay on time discounts of up to 27% off usage and supply charges, depending on where you live
  • Lumo Options: a variable rate electricity standing offer, with no exit fees
  • Lumo Movers: available in Victoria and South Australia, this variable rate plan is aimed at renters, with one “free move” per calendar year and up to 10% off usage and supply charges for paying on time
  • Lumo Advantage Premium: a variable rate plan only available in Victoria, customers can get 30% off usage and supply charges when they pay their bills on time and by direct debit

Lumo additionally runs a solar feed-in tariff scheme, the application process for which varies state-by-state (with further information available via the Lumo website or by calling the Lumo customer service team).

When assessing their options across the range of Lumo packages, customers can enter their usage requirements and compare packages online, with Lumo providing an estimated cost for its various packages.

When it comes to payment options, customers have the choice of paying online via Lumo’s online payment portal, by direct debit, via credit card by phone, by BPay, cheque via mail and in person at any Australia Post outlet.

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Lumo Energy rewards

Lumo Energy additionally offers a range of incentives with its packages, rewarding customers who pay their invoice before the due date with discounts, while providing customers with access to its Lumo Ameego online rewards program.

Lumo customers looking to sign up to Lumo Ameego will need to register online, doing so through their Lumo “My Account”, with customers able to shop via the member portal and the Lumo Ameego App. Among Lumo Ameego’s offerings are discounts on a range of products and services, including:

  • Groceries and fuel
  • Restaurant and cafe dining
  • Movie, theme park and attraction tickets
  • Discounts at top retailers and department stores
  • Discounted travel and exclusive rates at over 250,000 hotels worldwide

Lumo Energy for business

In addition to its residential packages, Lumo offers a number of different business packages, stating that it can tailor packages to suit individual business needs.

“We’re a champion for small business,” Lumo states. “We know running a small business can be difficult enough, and to make it easy we have a range of business energy packages that can suit a range of business types.”

Customers looking to manage their account can do so via their My Account online, which displays a range of information. “My Account is the easy way to manage your account,” Lumo states. “You can check your gas and electricity usage, pay your bills, view your energy usage by day, month or year, compare your bills and export your energy usage data.”

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