Powerdirect Review

Posted by Canstar Blue August 23rd 2016

Electricity supplier Powerdirect services both business and residential customers, having a particular focus on business electricity.

Powerdirect was established in 1997, in its early days operating as an electricity broker and analyst. It was acquired by AGL in 2007 and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of AGL, operating in Queensland, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia.

“Backed by AGL, Powerdirect is an Australian business electricity supplier specialising on providing business with the experience and expertise to streamline your electricity requirements,” Powerdirect states.

“Our focus on business electricity makes us the perfect solution for multi-site customers seeking to manage their electricity needs on just one bill, through just one electricity supplier.”

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What does Powerdirect offer?

With regard to its residential services, Powerdirect states that it “has a wealth of experience in dealing with all your household electricity needs”.

“We pride ourselves on maximising your electricity savings by offering you competitive prices and useful advice on how to save power at home,” Powerdirect states.

Businesses and residential customers can request a quote via the Powerdirect website by filling out a form, with Powerdirect stating that it will then make contact to discuss its energy plans.

Consumers can also search the Powerdirect website, searching via state, and by entering their postcode, bringing up Powerdirect plans applicable to their address.

In Victoria, Powerdirect offers flexible pricing for households with a remotely read smart meter, which it states “provides the opportunity to choose a more varied pricing structure”.

“If you are eligible and choose a flexible pricing offer, different electricity rates will apply depending on the time of day,” Powerdirect states. “For example, we may offer you a price structure where higher electricity rates apply during peak hours of the day and lower rates apply during shoulder and off-peak periods.”

Green energy with Powerdirect

Powerdirect provides solar options, which vary state-by-state, ranging a number of plans available for solar customers.

Powerdirect additionally offers Greendirect, approved by GreenPower (a voluntary government accredited program that enables an electricity provider to purchase renewable energy on a household’s or business’ behalf).

“By choosing a Greendirect product for your home, we’ll ensure the electricity grid is supplied with your nominated portion of electricity usage from government accredited GreenPower generators like wind, hyrdro or biomass,” Powerdirect states.

“For example, if you choose Greendirect 100%, we will ensure 100% of your electricity consumption is sourced from GreenPower accredited generators and put into the electricity grid.”

Powerdirect’s Greendirect options comprise its: Greendirect 10%, Greendirect 20%, Greendirect 25%, Greendirect 50%, Greendirect 75% and Greendirect 100%, with customers able to request a quote online or contact Powerdirect by phone.

Powerdirect’s payment options include by direct debit, electronic funds transfer, BPay, by credit card via phone, by cheque via mail, and by Post Billpay, paying in person at any post office and paying online via the Post Billpay website.

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