About True Value Solar

True Value Solar is a retailer and installer of solar systems operating in all areas of Australia except for the Northern Territory.

Its history

True Value Solar was founded in 2009 and subsequently purchased by the M+W Group – a global solar manufacturer. The company says it was created to provide affordable renewable energy solutions to help Australians fight rising power prices, while also doing their part to protect the environment.

Today, True Value Solar claim to be Australia’s largest solar company, having installed over 1,500,000 Solar PV panels as of 2015. In addition, True Value Solar is a member of both the Clean Energy Council and the Australian Solar Council.

What True Value Solar offers

True Value Solar retails, installs and maintains solar systems for both residential and business properties. All it systems come with standard installation and a 25-year performance guarantee.

Residential packages

True Value Solar offers four bundled solar packages for residential properties, however it is also able to provide customised solar systems upon a quote to suit the needs of your home or business.

Single starter: A 1.75 kW solar system with 7x250W panels and a 2kW Inverter. Ideal for those looking to make a start with solar.

The standard package: A 3.5kW solar system with 14x250W panels and a 5kW Inverter. Ideal for small to medium families with moderate electricity use.

The ultimate package: A 4kW solar system with 16x250W panels and a 5kW inverter. Ideal for medium to large families with considerable electricity use.

The platinum package: A 5kW solar system with 20x250W panels and a 5kW inverter. This is the largest True Value Solar system and is ideal for properties with high energy use.

True Value Solar often promotes limited-time specials, so if you’re in the market for a new solar system, it’s worth visiting the True Value Solar website to see if it has any deals on.

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