About Sanctuary Energy

Sanctuary EnergySanctuary Energy supplies energy in NSW.

The story behind the brand

“Sanctuary… Sanctuary…”

The 1939 movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame made this plea famous, and Sanctuary Energy aims to provide just that – a sanctuary from inflated energy prices.

Sanctuary Energy has a strong focus on using renewable solar energy to provide competitive energy prices. Support from its parent company means it doesn’t have to pass on the cost of renewable energy infrastructure onto customers – in fact, instead, its customers get discounted rates, the company says.

Sanctuary’s main solar energy project is a Large Scale Thermal Solar farm where sunlight is captured in a dish rather than a flat or tilted panel.

Its website also has a page of handy energy saving tips for saving money on your bill.

What’s on offer from Sanctuary Energy?

Read Sanctuary Energy’s standard retail contract on its website or read the current residential tariffs.

You may be eligible for a rebate on your electricity bill if you are in a low income household, require electricity to medically regulate your body temperature, or require electricity for a life support device.

Electricity suppliers we rated

Our most recent electricity customer satisfaction ratings for New South Wales saw the following retailers included:

  • Red Energy
  • AGL (including ActewAGL)
  • Dodo Power & Gas
  • Energy Australia
  • Lumo Energy
  • Origin Energy

You can view the full results of our survey on electricity suppliers in NSW here.

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