Urth Energy

Urth energy

Urth Energy is a new electricity retailer specialising in renewable energy initiatives. It currently retails to homes and businesses in Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia.


Urth Energy became registered as an electricity retailer in August 2015.  It was founded on the belief that renewable energy should be affordable in the short and long term. The company says it aims to be the market leader in renewable alternatives by providing innovative products and personalised customer service.

What Does Urth Energy Offer?

Urth Energy retails electricity to both residential and commercial premises. In addition, it offers range packages and attractive feed-in-tariff rates.

  • Urth Saver – Urth Energy will supply, install and maintain solar panels for free. It then sells the electricity generated by these solar panels back to you at what it claims to be a ‘much-reduced’ rate. Urth Energy claims that this product is proven to reduce customers’ electricity rates between 20% and 40%. The panels installed on your premise can be purchased from Urth Energy later down the track.
  • Urth FIT10 – Urth Energy offers a 10 cent Feed in Tariff for any new customer with an existing solar system who switches. The 10 cents is in addition to any state feed-in-tariffs.
  • Urth FIT20 – Urth Energy offers a 20 cent Feed in Tariff for new solar installs. To be eligible, the solar system must have been installed by one of Urth Energy’s approved companies.

Business Electricity Plans

Urth Energy also has plans tailored to business.

  • Urth WinWin – This is a buy-in-bulk package. For businesses operating multi-tenant buildings such as shopping centre or retirement villages, Urth Energy offers an embedded network, supplying energy to the whole site. In exchange Urth Energy will pay a 15% royalty fee to the property owner and discount electricity by 10% to the tenants.
  • Urth Generator – Businesses with a diesel back-up generator may export electricity created by this generator onto the energy grid in exchange for a discount rate on electricity.

Electricity Providers We Rated

Our most recent electricity customer satisfaction ratings for New South Wales included the following retailers:

  • Red energy
  • AGL
  • Dodo Power & Gas
  • EnergyAustralia
  • Lumo Energy
  • Origin Energy

You can view the full results of our survey on electricity suppliers in NSW here.

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