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alinta energyElectricity is something that all of us need to have – and about two-thirds of Australians surveyed by Canstar Blue earlier this year said they have compared prices from different suppliers to try and find a better deal. For those in Victoria and South Australia, Alinta Energy would have been an option.

Who is Alinta Energy?

Alinta Energy is an electricity and natural gas company that employs around 780 people in 14 locations across Australia. Households and businesses in Victoria and South Australia have the option to use Alinta Energy for their electricity and/or gas supply. The company also sells gas in Western Australia.

The company commenced operations in West Australia, as AlintaGas in 1995. Since that time and via a number of mergers and acquisitions, AlintaGas became Alinta Energy in 2010. It now owns a number of power stations around the country.

The number of employees may soon be set to fall, with Alinta Energy recently announcing that it will close its Flinders Operations in March 2016. In turn this means that operational mining at Leigh Creek will cease in November 2015 and the Augusta Power Stations plan to cease generation around March 2016.

“When we announced our intent to close Flinders Operations in June 2015, Alinta Energy committed over $3.5 million in funding to provide a suite of transitional support services to our people,” said Alinta Energy CEO, Jeff Dimery in October 2015.

“The allocation of this funding has been split between retraining and reskilling assistance, financial advisory services, career counselling, wellbeing and human resource support, as well as Transition Centres and other job opportunity services.”

Alinta Energy’s bottom line will also take a hit due to the $75 million in redundancy benefits that has been set aside to manage the closure.

What our survey respondents think of Alinta Energy

While Alinta Energy did not garner a large enough number of survey responses to be included in our most recent electricity and gas customer satisfaction ratings, comments from some of the respondents who are customers of Alinta were as follows:

  • Cheap and effective
  • Very good rates
  • They are cheaper than most, they bill quickly, they have a good pay on time discount, they have no lock in contracts or exit fees
  • That you do not have to sign a contract and still offer good discounts.
  • Costs still high
  • Good for business

Energy suppliers we rated

Energy suppliers in South Australia that did receive sufficient survey responses to be included in our most recent customer satisfaction rating report were:

  • Simply Energy
  • Origin Energy
  • Energy Australia
  • AGL

You can view our survey results here. 

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