About GloBird Energy

GloBirdGloBird Energy is a Melbourne-based energy retailer that claims to give consumers more choice and better value. The company is “fiercely independent” and says it works harder and smarter to keep your energy bill under control.

GloBird applied for its electricity retail license in 2014 and naturally thinks increased competition in the energy market is a good thing, saying on its website “if you have stuck with the same old energy provider for years, then there’s a good chance you could be paying the dreaded lazy tax”.

Currently operating only in Victoria, GloBird says it has plans to take the business nationwide in future.

What’s on offer from GloBird Energy?

GloBird claims to be taking a stand against expensive energy bills and encourages potential customers to text or email a picture of their recent bills to its team. It will then respond with details about how much money they could save by switching. And GloBird certainly seems prepared to put its money where its mouth is, telling Victorians that if they’re offered a better price elsewhere, they guarantee to match or beat any verifiable published price for residential electricity.

GloBird says the freedom to choose your preferred energy provider is your right and as such it doesn’t do lock in contracts. It’s free to join and free to leave any time. It also promises easy to understand offers – no baffling, complex plans, no tricks, no hidden fees or surprises, just great value energy, it claims.

GloBird offers residential and business tariffs. For residential customers, the company says its GloSave plan is for small to average size households or low to average energy users and that customers can get a 28% pay on time discount on daily charge and energy usage. For large households, or well above average energy users, GloBird’s Boost plan includes a 35% pay on time discount on energy usage.

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