Momentum Energy

Momentum energy

Momentum Energy is a wholly Australian owned and operated energy retailer that operates in Victoria, New South Wales, South Australia, Queensland and the ACT.

Momentum Energy is a part of Hydro Tasmania, a Tasmanian Government owned enterprise with over 100 years of operating experience.  Hydro Tasmania is the largest renewable energy producer in Australia, utilising both hydro-electricity but also wind farms.

Hydro Tasmania was first founded as the Hydro-Electric Department in 1914 with the task of building the one of the first hydro-electric dams in the Southern Hemisphere.  Further dams were built in the 40’s and 50’s thanks to an influx of immigrants in Tasmania. The Hydro-Electric Department was disaggregated in 1998, in part creating Hydro Tasmania and its mainland retail arm, Momentum Energy.

Today, Hydro Tasmania operates 30 hydro-electric dams, three wind farms and two gas-fired power stations.  While Momentum does produce some electricity through non-renewable sources, they also offer a renewable only package to customers, that ensures every single unit of electricity used is offset by a unit of renewable energy.*

What our survey respondents say about Momentum Energy

Canstar Blue’s most recent electricity providers survey sought the opinions of more than 4,400 electricity customers across the country. Some of the comments from customers of Momentum Energy were as follows:

Great value and price compared to other retailers. No bull with momentum. Cannot direct debit with credit card. They do not offer gas in my state.
It supports renewable energy, affordable rates. Can’t track usage online.
Honest, straightforward, excellent rates, good customer service, no late-payment fee. Billing took a while to send me a bill, I had to ask for one to be sent.
Good staff. Friendly and knowledgeable, explain things simply. I like that they use natural power. Was time consuming to set up, problem was with their system not my information.
Their commitment to renewable energy is excellent. Government is to blame as much as retailers with electricity prices and tariffs.

Source: Canstar Blue Electricity Providers survey 2015, conducted by Colmar Brunton

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