About Diamond Energy

Everything you need to know about Diamond Energy, supplying gas in Victoria.Diamond Energy is a renewable-focussed energy and gas company that supplies Victoria as well as some other areas of Australia.

The story behind the brand

Diamond Energy was founded in 2004 during a major debate over renewable energy sources and climate change. The company branded itself as the Pure Power People and its efforts have been recognised globally. It ranked highly in the 2014 Greenpeace Green Electricity Guide and the awards its won include the United Nations 2010 Award for Best Business Environmental Initiatives.

Using its own renewable energy generators, the company provides solar power, bio-energy (waste to energy), wind energy and wave energy to power most areas in Australia, on top of the usual fossil fuel power.

In Victoria, it has a Biogas Generator in Tatura that turns methane from sewage and turns it into biogas to power your home. If you live in the area, maybe you could help the company out by visiting the treatment plant right after you’ve eaten a whole can of baked beans…

What’s on offer from Diamond Energy?

Diamond Energy offers gas for your:

In the Diamond Pure Plus program, customers can choose to allocate 100%, 50% or 20% of their power to accredited GreenPower renewable sources.

For residential homes, there are five options to choose from, and you can choose regular electricity, solar power, or GreenPower for any of them:

  1. Jemena (600 NMI)
  2. Citipower (610 NMI)
  3. Powercor (620 NMI)
  4. AusNet (630 NMI)
  5. United Energy (640 NMI)

Diamond Energy offers a discount of 3% for paying on time and a further discount of 3% for paying by Direct Debit. This also applies to solar energy customers.

Gas suppliers we rated

Our most recent natural gas supply customer satisfaction ratings for New South Wales saw the following retailers included:

  • Lumo Energy
  • Red Energy
  • AGL
  • Origin Energy
  • Dodo Power & Gas
  • Simply Energy
  • Energy Australia

You can view the full results of our survey on natural gas suppliers in Victoria here.

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