About EnergyAustralia?

Who is EnergyAustralia?EnergyAustralia was originally founded as TRUEnergy in 1995.  The company was formed from a combination of power generation and retail assets purchased from Singapore Power and those owned by the Hong Kong based CLP Group.  In 2011 the company acquired the retail business and trade name of the New South Wales Government owned EnergyAustralia and TRUEnergy adopted the name in 2012.

EnergyAustralia is an electricity & gas provider that supplies more than 2.6 million homes and businesses across Australia.  They also hold a substantial portfolio of energy generation and storage facilities. EnergyAustralia produces electricity from a variety of sources, including coal, hydro, solar, wind and natural gas.

EnergyAustralia aims to be a sustainable business and make a positive impact in Australia.  They employ around 2,100 Australians, the majority as full time employees.*

* Canstar Blue has made certain assumptions to produce this quote from the Switchwise service. (i) That you’re interested in only looking at gas plans (e.g. not a combined electricity/gas plan), (ii) that you’re moving to a new location, and (iii) you only want to see plans for the above provider. You can go back to our natural gas provider ratings page to complete a more personalised quote. Costs & savings include GST & are updated at the discretion of Switchwise. You agree that Canstar Blue’s terms and conditions apply to your use of the Switchwise service. Details are a summary only and you should refer to the full terms and conditions provided by the supplier.

What our survey respondents say about Energy Australia

Canstar Blue’s most recent natural gas providers survey sought the opinions of natural gas customers across the country. Some of the comments from customers of Energy Australia were as follows:

  • So good we don’t even notice it. When we did have a one off problem they fixed it in a timely manner
  • Not aware if they are environmentally friendly or if they have payment options. May I missed it but worth advertising
  • Haven’t had to deal with them a lot but they were helpful when I rang recently in relation to discount pricing.
  • Not being upfront with the discounts available.  Found out about their discount pricing through a friend.
  • Offered very good rates to swing me over. Hope they continue at end of contract.
  • Not send one bill for both gas and electricity
  • Always have supply, positive payment systems
  • Outrageous prices just like all other energy companies – I hate them all!
  • Uninterrupted supply, call centre staff are friendly.
  • Reduced discount after contract ends
  • The customer service via the call centre is always excellent
  • The gas bill comes every 2 months instead of three months

Source: Canstar Blue Natural Gas Providers Survey, 2014. Survey conducted on behalf of Canstar Blue by Colmar Brunton

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