Who is my energy distributor?

If you take care of the energy bills in your household, you’re going to know who your energy retailer is. That’s almost a cert. However, it’s less likely that you’ll realise who your energy distributor is – and that’s a key difference you definitely need to understand.

A good way of illustrating the difference between your energy retailer and distributor is to think about phone companies. There are several service providers out there selling phone plans (Virgin, Amaysim, Vaya, the list goes on and on). But, none of them actually own the phone lines or cell towers they make use of to provide services to their customers. That infrastructure belongs to the big dogs of Aussie telcos, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone. Those three companies allow the smaller providers to pay to use their infrastructure, and in return the smaller telcos get access to the best phone networks in the country.

In a similar fashion, your energy retailer is one of those smaller companies. While they’re the service provider you buy energy from, they usually don’t own the infrastructure that produces the power, or gets it to your home. You know who does own that infrastructure? The energy distributors.

To elaborate, energy distributors own the energy distribution networks, which include powerlines, power poles and natural gas pipelines. These all do the job of carrying electricity and gas to your neighbourhood, and are owned by only some energy companies, but used by all of them.

After all that info, you might still be asking why you need to know who your distributor is. The main and most important reason is that, if there’s a power outage, your energy retailer won’t be able to help you or give you any information about the issue. Know who will? The company that owns the infrastructure that’s just broken.

If there’s an outage, your distributor will be able to tell you what’s gone wrong, what’s being done to fix it, and when you can expect to have power back. They might even put that info on their website to save you the hassle of a phone call.

If you’re curious about who your energy distributor is, here’s a list of all the distributors across Australia and the areas they cover.


  • ActewAGL – All of the ACT
  • Essential Energy – A small portion of the ACT


  • Endeavour Energy – Southern/western metropolitan Sydney and surrounds
  • Essential Energy – Country & regional NSW, southern regional QLD
  • Ausgrid – Inner, northern & eastern metropolitan Sydney and surrounds
  • Central Ranges System (gas) – Tamworth
  • Jemena Gas Networks NSW (gas) – Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast, Wollongong and parts of country NSW
  • Wagga Wagga Gas Distribution Network (gas) – Wagga Wagga


  • Energex – Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast & surrounds
  • Ergon Energy – Country and regional QLD
  • Allgas Energy (gas) – South of the Brisbane River, South Coast, Toowoomba & Oakey
  • Australian Gas Networks (gas) – Nationwide


  • SA Power Networks – All of SA
  • Australian Gas Networks SA (gas) – Nationwide


  • TasNetworks – All of Tas
  • Tas Gas Networks (gas) – All of Tas


  • Citipower – Melbourne City and inner suburbs
  • Jemena – Northern and south-western suburbs
  • Powercor Australia – Western suburbs and western Victoria
  • AusNet Services – Outer northern and eastern suburbs and eastern Victoria
  • United Energy Distribution – Southern suburbs and Mornington Peninsula
  • Australian Gas Networks (gas) – Nationwide
  • Multinet Gas (gas) – Eastern suburbs
  • AusNet Services (gas) – Outer northern and eastern suburbs and eastern Victoria


Northern Territory energy customers should refer to the Utilities Commission or the Ombudsman NT for any energy-related queries.


Western Australia energy customers should refer to the Public Utilities Office, the Economic Regulation Authority of Western Australia, or the Energy Ombudsman Western Australia for any energy-related queries.

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