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The best grocery shopping apps for your smartphone

Everyone needs to buy groceries, which is one of the reasons it can be a stressful process! So we thought to ourselves, how can we make life easier for everyone? Behold! Our list of what …

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private label goods article

Research shows no growth in private label purchases

That’s according to recent Canstar Blue research which found 68% of Australians believe private labels are good quality – A 9% increase upon last year’s response of 59%. Yet only 43% of shoppers in our …

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Australias biggest supermarket gripes

Australia’s biggest supermarket gripes

A trip to the supermarket should be a fairly straightforward exercise – you park up, head through the door, find the groceries you need (plus a few extra items you probably don’t), pay for them, …

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ALDI store front

ALDI effect starting to impact SA and WA

Just a few months into its major expansion, it seems the ‘ALDI effect’ is already being felt in South Australia and Western Australia. Canstar Blue’s latest survey of 3,000 supermarket shoppers has found that average weekly …

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Are self-service checkouts easy to use?

Despite efforts to improve their functionality, self-service supermarket checkouts are still driving some Aussies crazy. A Canstar Blue survey of 3,000 shoppers has found that a third still struggle to scan and pack their groceries themselves …

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