What is Australia’s favourite type of jam?


jam toastWhether it’s on toast, cereals, desserts, or just straight out of the jar, Australians love their jam. And according to a Canstar Blue survey, strawberry is clearly our favourite type of it.

In a survey of more than 1,500 jam lovers, 54% of people declared strawberry to be their fruity favourite, while 35% went with raspberry and 20% opted for apricot. Blueberry (15%) and plum (14%) also got the taste buds tingling. Other jams with notable mentions included blackberry, mixed berry, cherry, black cherry, lemon and line, fig and ginger!

Bonne Maman has received Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for jams with five-star ratings for taste, variety of flavours, packaging appeal and overall satisfaction. Anathoth also scored top marks for taste, while ALDI’s own brand was the only one to receive five stars for value for money.

While strawberry proved to be most popular across the country, the different states were split over their appreciation of other fine flavours, with apricot a big hit in South Australia, Victorians particularly partial to raspberry, and plum more popular in Western Australia than anywhere else.

In the battle of the sexes, men are the biggest fans of apricot and blueberry, while more women favour strawberry and raspberry.

We also found that people’s favourite type of jam can depend on which brand they happen to be spreading. Our survey shows that Anathoth customers prefer raspberry over strawberry, while fans of Bonne Maman couldn’t be split between the two. Those who bought St. Dalfour jam were the biggest advocats of blueberry, whereas apricot was a big hit with those who bought ALDI’s own brand and Rose’s was the most popular brand for other types.

But whatever your personal favourite, jam lovers are always looking for imaginative ways to enjoy their favourite treat, other than just spreading lashings of it on toast for breakfast. So here are some interesting suggestions on how to enjoy your jam of choice – any time of the day.

jam jars

  • Add a spoonful of jam to your tea, giving it a tasty, fruity and sweet kick.
  • Introduce your jam to the likes of white wine vinegar and olive oil for a special salad dressing.
  • Add your jam to your favourite glaze recipe for a tangy twist to ham.
  • Make boring ice cream taste amazing with a generous helping of jam.
  • And of course, jam and clotted cream are best friends with scones and all manner of tasty pastries.

In fact there isn’t much you can’t do with jam and lovers of it are famous for their creativity. Some examples of jammy behaviour mentioned in our office include spreading it on fruit, Weet-Bix and slices of cheese!

Share your favourite jam habits with us in the comments box below.

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