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Your chance to win a ghd hair straightener

Canstar Blue is giving away a new ghd hair straightener worth $270. Find out what you need to do to stand a chance of winning.

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choose straightener for your hair type

Choosing the best hair straightener for your hair type

What hair straightener should I choose? How do the different plates work? Find the answers with Canstar Blue’s review of hair types and straighteners you need.

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image what melanoma is

What is a melanoma?

Melanoma affects thousands of Australians every year, but what exactly is it and what can be done about it?

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protect your kids from the sun

Parents of young kids more reckless in the sun

A Canstar Blue survey shows parents with young kids are more likely to spend long periods in the sun without protection.

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spf ratings for sunscreen

A guide to sunscreen SPF ratings

Buying sunscreen can be confusing, so here is a guide to SPF ratings and which you should be using to protect you and your family.

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