About Panasonic Electric Shavers

panasonic article imagePanasonic is one of the most well-known and successful electronics companies in the world, as well as being the fourth-largest television manufacturer and the recipient of numerous awards for innovation and quality. But certain products in the Panasonic catalogue tend to be given less attention, such as power tools, radios and… electric shavers.

Panasonic began manufacturing electric shavers in the early 1950s when the company was known as National. Initially it worked in tandem with Philips, but eventually made the decision to go it alone.

While National was eventually renamed to Panasonic, the company’s electric shavers were still made under the National brand, which had become a sub-brand owned by Panasonic. However in 2008, the company rebranded all its National appliances as Panasonic products.

A brief history of the company

Panasonic was founded as National by Konosuke Matsushita in Japan in 1918, selling lamp sockets and later bicycle lamps. Through the 40s and 50s the company expanded its range of products to include things like motors, electric irons, radios and bicycles.

In the 60s the company began selling television sets in the US under the Panasonic brand name, but continued to use the National name in other international markets. However, the Panasonic brand was expanded to Europe in 1979.

In May 2003, Panasonic became the company’s global brand name, replacing the handful of brand names the company had been using in different markets. However, the National brand was not completely dead, as it was still being used for the Japanese market.

However in 2008, the National name was completely put to rest, replaced entirely by Panasonic-branded products. 2008 also saw the company acquire Sanyo, which created a corporation with revenues of over $110 billion USD.

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