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Exercise Bicycle Class

Ride your way to fitness without leaving home

Riding a bike is great fun and great exercise, but not so convenient. Have you considered an exercise bike instead? Read Canstar Blue’s review and guide.

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Calorie counter

Jenny Craig weight loss program reviewed

One of Australia’s most recognisable names in health management is Jenny Craig. Established in Melbourne in 1983, you can now find Jenny Craig weight loss centres all over the country. But is Jenny’s program worth …

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review of VCLDs

How low should you go? Very Low Calorie Diets explained

Can crash diets be good? Sometimes cutting down a lot in the short term can be a powerful first step for long term health. This is a guide to VLCDs.

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review of lite n easy

Lite n’ Easy healthy meal delivery review

Lite n’ Easy uses ready-made meal delivery to give you a fast and simple way to eat healthier. But is it worth it? Read Canstar Blue’s review of Lite n’ Easy.

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rapid weightloss program

Rapid Loss weight loss shakes reviewed

Rapid Loss promises to keep you filling full up for longer, helping you lose those excess kilos. Find out everything you need to know about Rapid Loss.

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