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What to plant in summer

Kick-starting the new year with a few resolutions? No doubt eating healthy, boosting your exercise regime and getting outside more are on many people's lists. But why not kick start all three by getting out …

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Queenslanders a grass cut above the rest

Queenslanders take more pride in their gardens than people in any other state. Canstar Blue quizzed more than 600 Aussies – who have bought a new lawn mower in the last two years – about their …

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Varieties of lawn in Australia

To a lot of Australians, grass is grass and it’s as simple as that. But for those in the professional gardening business, or those who just like to pay particular attention to their yard, a …

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How to mow your lawn

It seems like a pretty straightforward task doesn’t it? Turn on the mower, and push it back and forth over your lawn until the grass is shorter and looks nicer than it did when you …

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The lawn enemies waiting to ruin your garden

Growing a healthy and vibrant-looking lawn can be a rewarding experience, but there are some common stumbling blocks you may encounter along the way – some of which you may not even think about before …

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