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Victa Mowers are as fair-dinkum, true-blue and dinky-di as any other Australian staple. From Vegemite, to the meat pie, Holden cars and Milton mangoes, Victa is “Aussie as anything”. Victa revolutionised the lawn mower into how we know it today – a “pushcart” style that “turns grass into lawns” as the Victa slogan goes. A bit different to its initial models in the 1950s, Victa has expanded to offer a large range of lawn mowers that are known the world over for the enduring quality and top-notch craftsmanship, designed and assembled in Australia. However, how does the Australian icon really stack up? Read the review on Victa mowers by Canstar Blue.

What is the range of Victa lawn mowers?

Victa has developed a comprehensive range of lawn mowers in a variety of different categories and configurations. Read on to get the lowdown on Victa’s large range here.

victa lawnmower corvetteVicta Corvette Series

Like its eponymous car model, the Corvette series packs a punch in the performance stakes. Many of the mowers in the line-up are powered by revered Briggs and Stratton motors, who themselves make mowers and are well-reputed in the industry.

The standout mower in this line-up is the Self Propelled model (pictured), which certainly delivers on all fronts when it comes to cutting that grass. As the name suggests, its self-propelled engine makes mowing a breeze with its 480mm chassis. It boasts 9.5nM of torque out of a 161cc engine, which will help push through tough grass. There’s also no choke or prime in this beast – you just need to pull to start.

Priced at $899 retail, it’s a high-end unit for those serious about “turning grass into lawns”. If $899 is a bit steep for you, then the Corvette series has a range of different price points to suit a lot of budgets; you’ll be doing Corvette-worthy burnouts in no time. Compare the standout models in the Corvette line up below:

Model 500 QPT Key Start Alloy Mulch & Catch
Chassis Size 480mm 480mm 480mm 480mm
Engine Size 163cc 190cc 190cc 140cc
Torque 9.8nM 9.8nM 11.5nM 9.7nM
Blades Four swing back Four swing back Four swing back Four swing back
Mulching? No Yes Yes Yes
Cut Height 15-72mm 15-72mm 15-72mm 15-72mm
Price (RRP) $649 $729 $829 $599
Other Features Key ignition

Source: Victa website

lawnmower commando seriesVicta Commando Series 

If you want to take command of your lawn and trim it into something presentable, then the Commando series may be for you. Coming in as the possibly the most interesting of what the Commando series has to offer, the Mulch and Catch (pictured) has the ability to – you guessed it – mulch as well as mow. It runs on a two-stroke motor, producing 8.0nM of torque, and has a 460mm chassis.

It boasts four swing-back blades, which are claimed to offer superior cutting in thick, wet grass. Its cut height is adjustable from 11mm to 75mm, meaning you have great command over your lawn. Retailing for $649 it’s a high-end machine, but for those serious about mowing and mulching, then this one could be for you. Compare other models in the Commando line-up below:

Model 700 In Start Self-Propelled 19” Mulch and Catch
Chassis Size 480mm 480mm 480mm 480mm
Engine Size 160cc 190cc 190cc 190cc
Torque 9.4nM 9.1nM 9.7nM 9.7nM
Blades Four swing back Four swing back Four swing back Four swing back
Mulching? Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cut Height 15-72mm 15-72mm 15-72mm 15-72mm
Price (RRP) $749 $749 $769 $549
Other Features Key ignition start Pull start, rear wheel drive Pull start

Source: Victa website

mustang and pace series lawn mowerVicta Mustang and Pace Series

As you might have guessed, Victa like to name their model series after American muscle cars; perhaps they evoke a sense of power and brute strength? The Mustang series, in combination with the Pace series provide for a range of mowers in the mid-high price range.

The premier model in these line-ups is the MMX488 Mustang (pictured). This bad boy will make mincemeat of grass and could have you inside the house sooner, enjoying an afternoon beverage or three. It sits on a 480mm chassis, with a 13-72mm cutting height range. It’s powered by 9.5nM of torque from a 161cc engine. It features four swing back blades to make cutting through tougher grass easier.

Overall it’s a robust unit, and for $799 retail it’ll make itself at home in your shed and beg for you to pull it out on weekends. If $799 is a bit unsavoury, then check out the other models in the Pace and Mustang line-ups.

Model Pace 100 Pace 200 Pace 300 Pace Cut & Catch MMX484 Mustang
Chassis Size 460mm 460mm 460mm 400mm 480mm
Engine Size 125cc 140cc 150cc 125cc 190cc
Torque 6.8nM 7.4nM 7.4nM 6.1nM 9.7nM
Blades Four Four swing back Four swing back Two swing back Four swing back
Mulching? No No Yes No Yes
Cut Height 11-75mm 15-75mm 11-75mm 17-69mm 13-72mm
Price (RRP) $429 $459 $549 $359 $769
Other Features Lightweight Pull start

Source: Victa website

ultimate series lawnmowerVicta Ultimate Series

If you’re in the hunt for a mower a little more refined and one that shouts sleek performance more than all-out muscle, then this mower may be for you. As the most expensive in all of Victa’s models, the Ultimate ultimately packs a wallop. It sits on a 480mm chassis, boasts 9.5nM of torque coming from a 161cc engine. It also has a 13-72mm cutting range. While these figures alone aren’t that impressive, its other features knock it out of the park. They are:

  • Lithium ion battery starting system – no more dislocated shoulders from trying to yank-start the mower
  • Self-propelled, rear-wheel drive system to make mowing effortless

These two standout features mean that this is the king of Victa lawnmowers, and at $999 retail, you’d certainly hope you’re getting value for money. With the Ultimate, making light work of that mangy lawn just became more feasible. To get a low-down of how Victa’s In-Start technology works, watch this video:

Are Victa lawn mowers worth the money?

In the last 60-odd years, Victa has planted itself in the hearts and minds of many Aussies. The humble lawn mower can credit its creation to Victa, and it’s a feat that we often love to boast about – we invented the lawnmower! Though what’s to be said of Victa in the modern day?

Victa make quality, high-end mowers. Many of them feature parts and assemblies made in Australia, which is a rarity today. Their name is usually synonymous with craftsmanship and quality, and that subsequently commands a premium. Their most basic mowers are usually more powerful than the opposition, but more expensive too; there are no “budget” Victas per se. Its most expensive models are truly exciting and could make light work of your lawn, but be prepared to pay for it. Often over $700, it’s a price not to sneeze at. We suspect if you’re looking at Victa, you’re not looking at price alone; you’re looking at heritage, quality and power, and Victa has this in droves. Overall, Victa is a high-end mower brand, so it’s up to you to decide if what they offer at the price they do is worth it.

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