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watching ozflix

OzFlix: The new Aussie streaming service

If you love Australian movies, check out OzFlix – a new streaming service dedicated to Aussie films. Find out how much it costs and it works with Canstar Blue.

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What can a Smart TV do for you?

Smart TVs are becoming increasingly common in Aussie households, but what are they? Find out what’s so good about smart TVs with Canstar Blue.

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Woman at home using a tablet computer

How to boost your Wi-Fi signal

Trying to stream your favourite show, but the Wi-Fi signal in your room is lacking? A Wi-Fi range extender or powerline adaptor could be the answer.

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Why you should use a VPN

Security, censorship and having to wait to watch the latest American TV shows are all serious problems for internet users. Can a VPN solve them?

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2017 netflix australia shows

The best Netflix Australia shows of 2017

Netflix is surging in popularity and they’re constantly releasing new content. See what shows to look out for coming to you in 2017 with Canstar Blue.

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