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About Acer tablets

Acer was founded in 1976 as an electronic parts producer and distributor in Taiwan. A decade later, the company expanded into computer manufacturing and experienced steady growth then on. Acer’s notebook computers became particularly popular in the early 2000s, helping make the company a significant competitor in the computer industry.

Acer presented its first tablet device in 2010 called the Acer Iconia Tab. Since then, Acer has continued to produce a number of new tablets every year, focusing on affordability over high specs. There are eight Tablet series’ still produced by Acer:

  • Iconia Tab 10
  • Iconia W4
  • Iconia Tab 8
  • Iconia One 7
  • Iconia One 10
  • Iconia One 8
  • Iconia A1
  • Iconia Tab 8 W

What’s new with Acer tablets?

The Iconia One 8 and Iconia One 10 Tablet series’ are the latest and greatest additions to the Acer range, pricing at around $300. There is little reliable information available as to what Acer’s next step will be, but it’s expected the company will continue to focus on cheap tablets.

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