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Review of Coles Mobile phone plans

When you think of Coles, you probably imagine Saturday afternoons bumping into other shoppers in the freezer section of the supermarket. There’s always someone in the way when you’re trying to grab your favourite frozen pizza! But people who know good prepaid mobile phone plans are starting to see Coles in a very different light because it now offers some of the most competitive deals around, with the extra bonus of being able to buy your SIM card in store, and recharge at the checkout.

Coles Mobile is the supermarket chain’s latest foray into the mobile phone market. Launched in 2015, it’s backed by the Optus 4G network and offers a simple, no-frills service on a SIM Only basis. Its plans come with all the advantages you’d expect from buying a Coles product, including a Flybuys discount and points earned when you buy in store, not to mention the convenience of recharging at any Coles supermarket in the country! So, what exactly does Coles Mobile offer?

Coles Mobile Phone Plans

Price Per Billing Period Plan Features
$10 (10 days) Unlimited calls and texts, 1GB data
$20 (28 days) Unlimited calls and texts, 2GB data
$40 (28 days) Unlimited calls and texts, 7GB data, 250 minutes international calls

(Source: Coles Website)

Coles Mobile offers a concise range of prepaid mobile plans, ranging from $10 to $40, with two plans on a 28 day billing period, and the $10 plan on a 10 day period. They all contain unlimited standard national calls, texts and MMS, with varying degrees of included data.

  • If you’re a Flybuys member, you’ll earn 500 points, and get $2.50 off your recharge, but this is in store only. This makes it easy to recharge your plan when you buy the groceries
  • 500MB of data is an extra $5, and expires in seven days
  • $5 extra credit for international calls is available and lasts 14 days. A $15 option is also available

These handy top-ups make for good value if you think you’ll go over your plan limits, or if you need extra data or international calls sporadically. As for international calling costs, they vary wildly, but Canada can be had for as little as 8c per minute with no connection fee (or flagfall as it’s commonly known). You can find more rates here.

Let’s get an overview of what the three plans offer:

Coles Mobile $10 Plan

An entry into Coles Mobile plans, this is an outstanding-value option and is especially handy if you want a great-value phone plan but for a shorter period. Maybe you’re an international visitor in town for only 10 days, or just want to keep easier track of your mobile budget? This plan could be ideal for you. Over 30 days, this plan obviously equates to $30 for 3GB, which certainly doesn’t sound too bad at all.

Coles Mobile $20 Plan

Stepping up into 28 day plans, this $20 beauty from Coles is a good-value proposition. With unlimited calls and texts, and 2GB of data, this represents an attractive deal for someone wanting a basic plan for a good amount of social media and football highlights… or cat videos – whichever you prefer.

Coles Mobile $40 Plan

Doubling-down with your twenties, this $40 plan ramps up the data inclusions dramatically. With this plan you’ll get the usual unlimited calls and texts, plus 7GB of data. Another bonus is that you’ll get an incredibly handy 250 minutes of calls to 10 countries. Maybe you’re the international traveler wanting to call home? This plan could be for you. The countries included are: China, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, UK and the USA.

How does Coles Mobile compare to other providers?

From one of the biggest supermarket chains, Coles Mobile offers – perhaps surprisingly – good value on its prepaid plans. See how they stack up against the competition below.

Coles $10 Plan Compared

This plan offers great data, call and text inclusions for the price it’s at. What’s a little harder to factor in is its short billing period of just 10 days. However, there are a couple of other providers offering similar short-term deals. Optus has a unique plan in that for $2 a day, you’ll get 500MB and unlimited calls and texts. However, for this you’ll have to buy a $10 prepaid SIM first. This basically equates to $56 over 28 days (plus $10 for the SIM), and you’ll get 14GB of data in the process. Boost Mobile also comes to the game with a very enticing option, but it’s over a shorter period again – seven days.

Coles $20 Plan Compared

Coles’ first 28 day plan is a goer. It compares well against the competition and is one of the cheapest for unlimited calls and texts and 2GB of data in the prepaid market. Coles competes with OVO Mobile, ALDI Mobile and Yomojo. One thing to consider here is that these three competitors are over a 30 day billing period and Coles is 28 – this equates to a 13th recharge over the year instead of 12. Consider what works for you.

Coles $40 Plan Compared

$40 will see competition increase in the prepaid sector. Coles stands its ground with a decent 7GB data. There are a handful of providers offering similar amounts of data for similar prices – namely Optus and Woolworths. However, Yomojo once again stands out for offering a massive 12GB for only $5 odd more per month.

Should a Coles prepaid plan go in my basket?

Coles has three enticing prepaid mobile plans, and each one offers pretty decent value of which we are sure will make many people happy. Coles’ simple, fuss-free, gimmick-free plans are a breath of fresh air in a market full of confusing bonuses and extra upfront costs.

Overall, it seems Coles Mobile offers a great balance between affordability and versatility. Much like the supermarket’s own brand products on the shelves, Coles Mobile’s prepaid plans are simple, fairly cheap, and good value. Whether you’re on a tight budget or you tend to burn through text and data inclusions like they’re going out of fashion, Coles Mobile has a suite of plans and optional extras to meet the needs of most mobile users. What’s more is that you can add a Coles SIM card to your next grocery shop and recharge in store to get Flybuys points. All things considered, Coles Mobile is a solid option.

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