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Posted by Canstar Blue August 23rd 2016

Internet service provider iiNet provides a range of internet options for residential and business customers, describing itself as “a leading challenger in the telecommunications market”.

iiNet was founded in Western Australia in 1993 and, growing from its origins in a suburban garage, has since expanded Australia-wide, with iiNet now offering broadband services throughout the country.

iiNet became a public company in 1999, listing on the Australian Stock Exchange, in the following year launching various broadband services. In 2015, iiNet was acquired by TPG Telecom in a $1.56 billion deal, with the merger creating Australia’s second largest internet service provider.

What services does iiNet offer?

“We’re committed to making it simple for all Australians to get online across both our own ADSL2+ network and the exciting new NBN technologies,” iiNet states of its approach.

“Our vision is to lead the market with services that harness the potential of the internet and then differentiate with award-winning customer service. We employ more than 3,000 enthusiastic staff across three countries – 80 per cent of whom are employed to directly service nearly one million customers.”

iiNet’s customer charter broadly encompasses four areas: “quality in all we do”, “a meaningful response”, “a positive voice” and “specialised support”.

“Our customer charter sits at the centre of our commitment to awesome customer service,” iiNet states. “We believe our passion for delivering first-rate customer service and our promise to live up to this charter will bring a positive iiNet experience to you – each time, every time.”

Home internet and phone

iiNet’s home internet packages comprise a variety of NBN and broadband plans, bundled with a home phone line, NBN Fibre Phone, or Netphone, iiNet’s voice over internet protocol (VoIP) service.

The plans are available with a range of data inclusions, up to unlimited data, with contract lengths ranging from no lock-in contact to up to 24 months.

All of iiNet’s residential broadband plans come with 10 email addresses (20 for NBN fibre and fixed wireless plans) and 1GB web space, complimentary email protection against virus and spam threats, no excess quota usage charges (all excess usage is shaped), with the flexibility to change between plans at any time.

Customers can check via the iiNet website as to whether they can access NBN internet at their address.

iiNet also offers additional call packs with both its home phone line, NBN Fibre Phone and Netphone services, with packs catering to both local and international use.

iiNet additionally offers iiNet TV with Fetch with its internet plans, comprising the iiNet TV with Fetch and iiNet TV with Fetch + Entertainment Plus plans.

“iiNet TV is a world-class digital TV service, delivered to your lounge room via a state-of-the-art high-definition set-top box that lets you pause, rewind or record your favourite shows,” iiNet states of the service.

“iiNet TV comes loaded with 3 HD digital tuners that bring you free-to-air TV, as well as quality subscription channels delivered over your broadband connection — with access to stacks of movies, online games, social media applications and more. To top it all off, you’ll have a whopping 1 TB hard drive for up to 585 hours of standard definition personal recordings.”

iiNet’s Freezone, meanwhile, allows for customers to access selected content quota-free, from video to radio.

“The Freezone offers a range of video and radio content for iiNet, Westnet, Netspace, Internode and Adam Internet customers to enjoy without taking a hit to their monthly quota,” iiNet states.

“Everything from movies, music, sports and gaming content is available, along with several live streamed events throughout the year.”

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Mobile services

iiNet also operates in the mobile sector, offering a number of SIM-only, bring-your-own mobile plans with no lock-in contract.

iiNet’s SIM-only plans come with a range of data, call and text allowances, and are delivered via the Optus 4G Plus network.

“With iiNet SIM-only mobile plans, you simply pay for your service month by month, with the option to cancel at any time,” iiNet states of its mobile plans.

Consumers can check mobile coverage areas via the iiNet website, searching by address and general area.

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Account management

iiNet’s account management service, Toolbox, provides customers with a range of tools via which they can monitor and manage their account.

Via Toolbox customers can:
Check broadband usage – view detailed usage history in daily and hourly form for both current and past billing periods, with usage split into different types, including peak and off-peak downloads:
• Check phone records – view detailed call history for the current billing period and for previous billing periods
• Check invoices – view the current and past invoices
• Pay an invoice or request an extension
• Update payment details
• Update contact details
Customers can log into Toolbox via the iiNet website.

Customer service and bill payment options

Consumers in search of information can access a range of support articles via the iiNet website, arranged under different topics, and can also search for specific queries via iiNet’s search engine.

iiNet can be contacted by phone and by email, and consumers can also submit online queries via the iiNet website, requesting return contact by either phone or email. iiNet also maintains a presence on Facebook and Twitter.

iiNet customers can pay their bills by direct debit via debit or credit card.

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