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Review of Internode broadband plans

Internode was one of the first ISPs founded in Australia, and was the first provider to offer ADSL2 speeds when the technology was first introduced. Whilst it was purchased by iiNet back in 2011, Internode continues to operate as a separate entity, providing a comprehensive range of plans to customers all around Australia. With ADSL and NBN plans to choose from in both naked and bundled form, we’ve looked at all of Internode’s current plans to make your broadband comparison easier.

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What does Internode offer?

ADSL plans & bundles

Internode offers ADSL2+ plans on its own Australia-wide network, with both naked and bundled broadband options available. All of Internode’s plans are available on monthly terms or 24 month contracts, with a free ADSL router included if you choose the longer plan option. There are four categories to choose from:

Easy Broadband

Easy Broadband plans bundle a broadband connection with Internode’s NodeLine home phone – a traditional phone service delivered through Telstra’s copper access network. With no excess usage charges (speeds are limited if you exceed your quota) and several optional extras available, Easy Broadband delivers the perfect product for many Aussies. The plan options are as follows:

Price per month $59.99 $69.99 $79.99
Data 250GB 500GB Unlimited
Call pack options ·         Local, national and mobile calls: $20/month

·         International calls to 20 countries: $10/month

·         Both packs: $30/month

Source: Internode website

If you’re after more advanced features with your broadband plan, you can add on one of two packs. The $10 per month Power Pack provides static IP addresses, an optional domain name, unlimited uploads and faster over-quota speeds. If even that’s not enough, the $30 per month Business Pack provides priority business support, no excess shaping at all, and an optional IP subnet.

Easy Bundle

Easy Bundle plans bundle broadband and a home phone on the Optus network, providing extended coverage to Aussies in rural areas. The Easy Bundle plans are the same as Easy Broadband, but they include several other features – you can stream unmetered content such as Netflix, ABC iView and video games, and the network is future-proofed for IPv6.

Easy Naked broadband

Easy Naked plans are simply broadband internet, with no phone line rental. This saves you plenty of money each month if you’re someone who primarily uses their mobile phone. Here are your options:

Price per month $59.99 $69.99
Data 250GB Unlimited

Source: Internode website

If you’re after some phone calls, you can also add a NodePhone VoIP subscription to make calls over the internet. There are four options to choose from:

NodePhone Standard NodePhone2 Starter NodePhone2 Value NodePhone2 Premium
$0 $5 per month $10 per month $20 per month
PAYG $10 credit $20 credit $40 credit

Source: Internode website

Easy Reach

Easy reach broadband is applicable to customers who live in remote or rural areas where Internode’s regular network infrastructure doesn’t reach. Plans can be standalone or bundled with a NodeLine home phone connection as outlined above. Whilst the plans are more expensive for long-distance service, there’s still plenty of value to be had. There are four plans on offer:

Price per month $69.99 $79.99 $99.99
Data 100GB 200GB 400GB

Source: Internode website

NBN plans

The NBN is the latest and greatest network in Australia, and Internode offers a bunch of plans to get you connected. Available on monthly or 24 month contracts, Internode’s NBN connections come with three data options and four download speed options. Internode also offers the same Power Pack and Business Pack add-ons as on its ADSL plans. A VoIP home phone is also included at no extra cost, whether it’s Internode’s own NodePhone or the regular NBN Fibre Phone service. Internode’s plans are summarised below:


Price per month $49.99 $64.99 $69.99
Data 100GB 500GB Unlimited

Internet speeds

Speeds 12/1 Mbps 25/5 Mbps 50/20 Mbps 100/40 Mbps
Price per month Included +$10 per month +$20 per month +$30 per month

How does Internode compare with other broadband providers?

Internode’s plans are numerous enough that they offer something to just about everyone, and their competitive pricing means they stack up well in comparison to other providers.

Internode’s unlimited Easy Naked broadband plan is one of the cheapest on the market, level on price with similar plans from iiNet, MyNetFone and TPG. The Easy Broadband plans offer less stellar value, however – the 250GB plan is one of the cheaper options at $59.99 per month, but the more expensive plans are beaten on value by many providers offering unlimited data for much lower prices.

Internode’s basic NBN plan provides a quality entry-level plan at just $49.99 for 100GB each month. Unfortunately, the larger 500GB and Unlimited plans are more difficult to justify compared to unlimited plans from multiple providers starting at around $59 per month – Internode’s plans start from $64.99 and $69.99 respectively. Check out a comparison of NBN plans below:

Whilst Internode’s more expensive plans aren’t the best in terms of value, their entry-level plans are among the best you can buy. If you’re after a provider that offers a wealth of choices and optional extras for advanced users, it’s hard to look past Internode.

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