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Review of iPrimus broadband plans

As one of many subsidiaries of Vocus Communications, iPrimus is part of Australia’s third biggest home internet provider (others include Dodo and Commander). As for iPrimus, its product range consists of traditional ADSL2+ as well as several NBN plans with different speed tiers available. A number of SIM only mobile broadband plans are also available, with iPrimus running off the Telstra wholesale internet network. We’ve checked out iPrimus’s product range to determine exactly what its plans include – and how they stack up against similar providers.

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iPrimus Internet Plans

iPrimus has 17 broadband plans in total, consisting of:

  • 5 standard ADSL2+ Plans
  • 12 NBN plans across various speed tiers
  • 3 Mobile Broadband Plans

iPrimus ADSL2+ Plans

iPrimus has five ADSL2+ plans, with the choice of either 300GB or unlimited data. You can expect prices to start at around $70 per month and work their way up to about $110 a month. While there are only two data points, prices differentiate by call inclusions, or whether you get a Zone 2 plan or not. Zone 2 basically refers to servicing more rural areas. Generally, you can expect Zone 2 plans to cost about $10 extra over their regular counterparts. ADSL2+ plans with iPrimus include line rental, and you won’t have any lengthy contracts to contend with.

iPrimus NBN Plans

iPrimus has 12 NBN products across three different speed tiers. There are four on NBN 12 – the most standard level – five on NBN 25, and three on NBN 100.  All plans come on a no-contract basis, with a VoIP service included. This means there are no line rental charges.

NBN 12 Plans

The most basic as far as internet speeds go, these plans bring 12/1Mbps downloads/uploads, which is about the equivalent of a lot of ADSL2+ plans. If you’re a light user, or you don’t fancy spending too much money, then these plans from iPrimus start at about $60 a month for 300GB. Basically there are two plans – 300GB and unlimited data. However, you have the choice of a fibre connection, or a fixed wireless connection, which is basically like a 4G data connection for your entire home. Unlimited data costs about $70 a month.

NBN 25 Plans

The next speed tier is an important one. Not only do you double your download speeds, but you also venture into ‘Superfast’ territory, which is stipulated by NBN Co as being 25Mbps or above. Generally, you can expect plans to cost an extra $10 over NBN 12 ones, and the dearest comes in at just under $100 a month but you will get 2000 minutes of calls to international numbers.

NBN 100 Plans

Representing the pinnacle of broadband speeds in Australia, NBN 100 plans are for unprecedented performance, and iPrimus has come to the table. Generally, expect plans to cost around $20 extra per month than NBN 25 ones for the equivalent amount of data. The most expensive plan comes in at just under $130 a month and here you’ll get the 2000 minutes to international numbers.

iPrimus Mobile Broadband Plans

These are dead-simple to follow. There are three plans in total, and come on a SIM only basis, meaning you can either plug straight into your tablet device, or insert it into an unlocked dongle to then plug into your computer.

  • 5GB – $20
  • 3GB – $30
  • 10GB – $50

There are no activation fees and all plans are on a month-to-month basis. You can also port your current number (for your old mobile data plan if you have one) with no fuss, or ask for a new one. Data is billed by the kilobyte, and you can also use pay-as-you-go international calling if you so desire. The USA Is 28c a minute, for example.

Fetch TV with iPrimus

iPrimus is just one of many providers to hop on the Fetch TV bandwagon. Stablemate Dodo also has a few plans with Fetch TV. As for what Fetch actually is, it’s the latest in streaming entertainment, with the device acting as a PVR and set top box, while also being able to stream over 35 Pay TV channels, along with catch-up services like ABC iView and streaming services like Stan and Netflix. Pairing this Fetch device with a designated broadband plan means that data used to stream through Fetch does not count towards your overall allowance, which can be handy for those 300GB plans mentioned above.

  • Fetch TV with iPrimus can be had for about $115 a month, which includes line rental and local and national calls.

How does iPrimus compare to other providers?

iPrimus compares fairly well against the competition, with its plans on no-contracts with no line rental seriously boosting its value. In general, prices remain quite stock standard compared to other providers, but there are a couple of cheaper telcos out there potentially offering more ‘bang for buck’.

iPrimus ADSL2+ Plans Compared

  • Unlimited data for $79.90 a month plus $129 upfront, includes line rental

The inclusion of line rental on a no-contract plan is a pretty big kicker, but unfortunately iPrimus again loses out to several small providers, and even its buddy-pal Dodo, which looks to offer the cheapest unlimited ADSL2+ plan in the country. Also keep an eye out for providers like Inspired, AusBBS and Barefoot. These three are also on a no-contract basis, but do not include line rental.

iPrimus NBN Plans Compared

NBN 12:

  • 300GB for $59.90 a month plus $143.95 upfront / unlimited data $69.90 a month plus $143.95 upfront

At this lackadaisical internet speed, several providers outshine iPrimus in terms of ‘data for your dollars’. Providers such as Teleron, Activ8Me, SpinTel and Exetel all offer comparable or more data for about $10 cheaper per month.

NBN 25:

  • 300GB for $69.90 a month plus $143.95 upfront / Unlimited data $79.90 a month plus $143.95 upfront

The first ‘Superfast’ speed tier is much the same story as iPrimus’s NBN 12 plans; there are other providers providing more for less. Familiar faces Teleron, Activ8Me and Exetel all offer comparable data for cheaper, and newcomer Motion looks to be one of the cheapest to offer unlimited data in this speed tier.

NBN 100:

  • 300GB for $89.90 a month plus $143.95 upfront / Unlimited data $109.90 a month plus $143.95 upfront

Even at this speed tier, iPrimus is still slightly outdone by other smaller providers. MyRepublic blows everyone out of the water with unlimited data for less than $60 a month. You will be tied into a contract though. Teleron, Activ8Me and Exetel also round out the list of the cheapest providers on the top NBN tier.

iPrimus Mobile Broadband Plans Compared

  • SIM only, monthly contract, 10GB for $50

We are sensing a running theme here. Again, in this broadband delivery there are several other SIM only providers offering the same data for less. Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) piggyback off the Telstra, Vodafone and Optus networks and are able to deliver savings onto you. Keep an eye out for MVNOs like Yomojo, OVO Mobile, Jeenee Mobile and Vaya that all offer more or comparable data for less money than what iPrimus can offer.

iPrimus Fetch TV Bundle Compared

  • $114.90 per month over 24 months, unlimited data with line rental and national/local calls included, with Fetch TV Entertainment Pack also included

There are a number of providers offering the same bundles. Dodo again comes to play, with an unlimited plan with the same Fetch TV deal for $59.90 a month over 24 months. Optus also comes to the game with plans available from $110 a month, and with this you’ll also get access to Optus Sport. Optus also offers Fetch TV bundles using its top tier NBN speeds. iiNet can also include Fetch with its broadband plans from just $5 extra a month. Right now iPrimus has been somewhat caught with its pants down, as other premier providers offer similar bundles that could work out to be better value.

Is iPrimus right for me?

iPrimus has a fairly competitive range of broadband plans across both the NBN, ADSL2+ and mobile platforms. However, across all of these platforms, it struggles to compete with smaller providers who tend to offer more data for less per month, with smaller or no upfront fees on a no-contract basis. This is not to say that iPrimus is bad value by any stretch – its plans are simple and compete well against an increasing number of new providers. If you’re an existing iPrimus customer, you can rest assured you’re in safe hands, but it’s always worth comparing different offers from time to time.

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