Your complete guide to Jeenee Mobile

Telecommunications provider Jeenee Mobile describes itself as “a small Australian social enterprise mobile provider”, which has grown from the idea “to help all Australians be connected”.

Jeenee Mobile was conceived by not-for-profit disability service provider Community Connections Australia, which “saw an opportunity for people to connect with those around them – their friends, families, carers and the organisations that provide support – through mobile technology”.

“Our team develops specialised mobile services for people who need extra support to stay in touch and people who want peace of mind when they’re out and about,” Jeenee states.

“This means all Australians, including people living with disability, people recovering from medical issues, seniors, their families and carers, mums and kids. We believe mobile technology should be accessible to everyone and we’re continually developing new mobile solutions to support complex communications needs.”

The background

In 2015, Jeenee Communications was formed, purchasing Jeenee from Community, with the new company “formed as a social enterprise with the objectives of continuing the journey begun by Community Connections Australia”, while furthering customised technology solutions development.

“To continue with the ambitious plans of assisting everyone, irrespective of individual need, capability or capacity, to live the lives of their choosing with the assistance of mobile technology, Jeenee Mobile needed to raise more money,” Jeenee states.

“The corporate structure of a not-for-profit prevented the ability of raising this money through investors. Therefore the decision was taken to form Jeenee Communications as a proprietary limited company with equity shareholders contributing the money needed to continue our journey.

“Our objectives remain the same, and our constitution requires that a minimum percentage of our surpluses are returned to our core purpose.”

What services does Jeenee Mobile offer?

Jeenee provides free mobile services to people living with disability through its Make A Difference program, with it continually developing “new mobile solutions and specialised technology to help grow people’s independence and involvement in the community”.

Mobile services

Jeenee offers a number of SIM-only mobile and mobile data plans on month-to-month contracts, delivered via the Optus 4G network.

Jeenee’s mobile plans come with a range of call, text and data inclusions, with data counted in KB, not MB. Customers can also add data packs to all plans launched after May 2015, with a number of options to choose from.

“If you find yourself running out of data during the month, you can easily add a data pack to top you up until your data allowance resets,” Jeenee states.

“Adding a data pack is a lot cheaper than paying excess data charges, so we recommend you call us to add one as soon as you find yourself running out.”

Meanwhile, for customers exclusively after mobile data, Jeenee’s data-only plans come with a number of different inclusions.

Jeenee has also partnered with Deaf Australia in developing “a text-only plan specifically tailored to meet the needs of the deaf community”.

“Together we’ve developed our $15 Unlimited Text SIM, with a set of features designed to make this plan as accessible as possible – no included voice calls, automatic voice-to-text voicemail and a PIN identification option for easy account management,” Jeenee states.

Jeenee also offers its 24/7 HELP service, a 24-hour help line accessible via a mobile app, available at a monthly charge.

“After installing the app, all you need to do is press the help button on the screen and you will be connected straight to our specially trained team who will help you with whatever you need,” Jeenee states.

“Our team can even locate you using the GPS on your phone and tell your family or friends where you are, or send emergency services to your location.”

Jeenee states that anyone who is concerned about their safety can use the service.

“While it was originally designed for those with greater needs, such as the elderly or people living with disability, it is also perfect for children or people who are concerned about their safety while walking home at night,” Jeenee states.

Consumers can check mobile coverage via the Jeenee website, searching by address and area.


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Account management

Jeenee’s MyJeeneeMobile account monitoring service provides customers with a range of information. Customers can use MyJeeneeMobile to access information, including:

  • Total call, SMS and data usage
  • Detailed breakdowns of how and when they’ve been using their service
  • Bill history, with links to download their latest bill and any of their previous bills
  • Access to the GPS locator for any applicable services
  • Details such as the start date of their billing month, plan details and CIS documents


Customers can login to MyJeeneeMobile via the Jeenee website. They can also keep track of their usage while on the go with the Jeenee Mobile Usage Monitor app.


“The app will show you how many calls, texts and data you’ve used, the details of your current plan, and the latest Jeenee Mobile news, promotions and events,” Jeenee states. “Check your usage any time, at home or on the go, to make sure you’re always on track.”

Customer service and bill payment options

Jeenee provides a range of information via its website’s frequently asked questions section, with customers also able to search for specific information via its search engine.

Consumers can also contact Jeenee by phone and by email via its website (with Jeenee stating that it will get back to consumers within three business days). Customers can pay their bill via:

  • Direct debit
  • Credit/debit card (Visa, MasterCard)
  • BPay

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