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Review of Optus broadband plans

For more than two decades now, Optus has been the primary competitor to Telstra for the title of Australia’s biggest broadband provider. Whilst competition has stiffened in recent years, Optus still remains a big player in the Australian telecommunications market, as the only company other than Telstra to own its very own broadband infrastructure.

The company’s size means it offers a full range of broadband plans, including ADSL, Cable and NBN connections. It also offers wireless home broadband for Aussies living in remote areas, and mobile broadband plans for those on the go. We’ve compiled all of Optus’s current broadband plans so that you can choose the best plan to suit your needs.

Optus broadband plans

The bread and butter of any internet service provider’s product range are its fixed line broadband plans. Optus offers four different bundled internet plans, as well as a ‘naked’ plan which just brings you internet with no phone line rental. All plans are available on ADSL, Cable or NBN connections – just about everyone has access to ADSL, but you’ll need to check if your home is eligible for one of the latter two.

Opting for a cable or NBN plan lets you choose from one of two internet speeds. The basic included speeds are 30Mbps download and 2Mbps upload (30/2 Mbps), which is fine for the majority of households. On the other hand, if you’re someone who streams or downloads large amounts of content, you can upgrade to the Max speeds of 100/2 Mbps for an extra $30 per month.

Like with its mobile phone plans, Optus packs its internet bundles with several entertainment features. The set-top box service Yes TV (also known as Fetch TV) includes live TV recording and rewinding, as well as an on-demand movie store and easy access to all your favourite entertainment apps such as Netflix. Optus Sport gives you live and exclusive access to Premier League football and related shows on-demand, as well as Australian Cricket matches over the summer.

All Optus plans also come with a Wi-Fi modem, as well as installation and setup by an Optus technician free of charge. What’s more, you can receive a $20/month discount if you also have an Optus mobile plan on the same account. The current plan range from Optus is as follows:

My Basics

The My Basics plan is, as its name suggests, the entry-level broadband plan from Optus. In addition to the standard 24 month plan, Optus is offering the My Basics plan on a monthly contract exclusively for online customers. With the exact same cost and inclusions as the contract plan, opting for a flexibly monthly contract here is a no-brainer.

The My Basics plan misses out on Yes TV, but you do have the option of an Optus Sport subscription for $15/month.

  My Basics Monthly
Cost $80/month
Data Unlimited
Plan term Monthly OR 24 months
Included calls Unlimited local calls
Yes TV inclusions
Optus Sport $15 per month

My Entertainment

The My Entertainment plan is the ideal for a family or household which loves their TV and movies. The extra cost will get you unlimited national and mobile calls along with the Yes TV Connect Pack, which includes a set-top box, 1TB of video recording capacity, 30 free movies per month and on-demand movie rentals.  You also get an included subscription to Optus Sport, allowing you to watch Premier League football and media on your TV, laptop or mobile device.

  My Entertainment
Cost $110/month
Data Unlimited
Plan term 24 months
Included calls Unlimited national and mobile calls
Yes TV inclusions Connect Pack
Optus Sport Included

My Entertainment Plus

For the ultimate entertainment plan from Optus, you can’t go past the My Entertainment Plus. This plan adds the Entertainment Pack to your Yes TV subscription, which includes over 35 premium entertainment channels, as well as an upgraded Yes TV set-top box. It also adds unlimited international landline calls to 25 countries around the world, and unlimited mobile calls to 7 countries.

  My Entertainment Plus
Cost $140
Data Unlimited
Plan term 24 months
Included calls Unlimited national, mobile and select international calls
Yes TV inclusions Connect pack and Entertainment pack
Optus Sport Included

The two My Entertainment plans also come with $240 of upfront credit when you sign up for the first time – that’s equivalent to roughly two months free.

Just broadband

If you just want broadband, Optus offers their My Broadband plan for $80 a month over 24 months. This plan brings you unlimited ADSL broadband with no home phone line rental, as well as the option of Optus Sport as an added extra.

Wireless broadband plans

Wireless home broadband is a great solution for people who need an internet connection fast, or who live in an area where it’s difficult or expensive to install a wired connection. Wireless home broadband is the same wireless internet connection that you use on your phone, just with a lot more data; the only equipment you’ll need is an easy-to-setup Wi-Fi modem, which Optus will deliver free to you the next business day.

All three broadband plans come with 200GB of data, with typical wireless data speeds of 12/1 Mbps. If you end up going over your data limit, you can top up 10GB for $10 as much as five times every month. You can choose from the three wireless broadband plans as follows:

Price $80/month $80/month $80/month
Modem cost $240 up front $10 per month Included
Plan term Monthly 12 months 24 months

Mobile broadband plans

A mobile broadband plan lets you use your mobile internet connection when you’re out and about, whether it’s working on a business trip on surfing the web on your laptop while sitting in your favourite park.

All of Optus’ mobile broadband plans come on a month-to-month basis, and the larger plans are ideal for online entertainment; you can stream content from several leading music and video services with absolutely no impact on your plan’s data, including Netflix, Presto, Spotify, Google Play Music and more. What’s more, you can pool your mobile data with other mobile plans on your account (such as your partner or kids), so that everyone can use your plan’s large allowance.

Optus offers five different mobile broadband plans, the three biggest of which include data-free streaming:

Price per month Data allowance
$15 2GB
$25 5GB
$35 10GB
$50 25GB
$70 50GB

How does Optus compare to other providers?

Since the introduction of its streamlined new plan range, comparing Optus plans to the competition has become remarkably simple – all Optus plans now come with unlimited data inclusions, which is still a significant advantage over the plans offered by many large ISPs.

Optus’ cheapest ADSL plan loses out in the value stakes to several smaller competitors – at $80 per month, it just can’t compete with unlimited monthly plans which are $10-$15 cheaper. It’s the larger entertainment bundles, however, where Optus really shines. The only real competitor to the $110 My Entertainment bundle is Foxtel’s Unlimited bundle, which costs virtually the same ($111) and includes 45 standard Foxtel channels. When compared to the similar entertainment offerings of Optus’ Yes TV in conjunction with Optus Sport, the two are essentially neck-and-neck.

When it comes to mobile broadband, Optus’ entry level packs are right on the money, offering similar data and price points to the likes of Vodafone, Amaysim, Yomojo and Vaya. The company’s mid-range plans, however, tend to be outdone in the value stakes by the aforementioned smaller providers, several of which offer 10GB plans for under $30 and 25GB for under $50.

It’s the top-end plans where Optus really shines – the 200GB home wireless broadband plan costs $80 per month and has only one competitor in Vividwireless’s $89 Unlimited plan – both of which offer as much wireless data as most households will reasonably use. Overall, Optus offers several attractive options in the wireless segment to complement their cable offerings, solidifying their position as one of the blue-chip ISPs of the Australian market.

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