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Review of Skymesh broadband plans

In the world of broadband, the big fish like Telstra and Optus still dominate the ranks, but there is an undercurrent of smaller providers offering great value. Skymesh is one of them, and has surprisingly been around for a few years. Founded in Brisbane back in 2005, Skymesh has expanded to provide its customers affordable and effective broadband with great customer service.

Skymesh has evolved to become one of the premier NBN providers in Australia. As such it has a range of plans to suit a lot of potential suitors.

  • Skymesh has a range of Fibre to the Premises (FTTP), Fibre to the Node (FTTN) and Fibre to the Building (FTTB) plans
  • Not only this, Skymesh has also made use of the NBN satellite service SkyMuster, as well as fixed wireless services

In fact, Skymesh offers so many plans that it can be confusing, so let’s break down what you can actually get with Skymesh:

What does Skymesh offer?

Skymesh offers well over 30 plan combinations across its FTTP, FTTN, FTTB, Skymesh and fixed wireless NBN services. Below is a general overview of what Skymesh has to offer NBN customers, with Skymesh and fixed wireless plans being slightly different:

Data Included Peak/Off Peak Price Per Month
6/0GB $29.95
30/60GB $39.95
60/120GB $49.95
120/240GB $59.95
240GB/1TB $69.95
600GB/1TB $79.95

Source: Skymesh website

Generally, data allowances remain the same across all speed tiers, but the price increases by $5 per month when you opt for a higher speed. So if you want Tier 2 speeds, expect to pay $34.95 a month for the base plan, and so on. The end result is that a Tier 5 plan is generally $20 dearer than the equivalent Tier 1 plan. It’s promising to see you seemingly don’t have to compromise by opting for one particular NBN delivery over another.

However, there are a couple benefits to choosing a faster NBN speed tier, but they are likely not deal-breakers for those opting for cheaper plans:

  • The latter two plans receive an extra 1TB off-peak data when you jump from a Tier 1 plan to a Tier 2 or Tier 3 one
  • Tier 4 plans double that off-peak data allowance, with Tier 5 doubling it again
  • Tier 4 and 5 plans see two extra plans added: 1.2TB/6-12TB from $114.95 a month, and double this peak data from $154.95 a month
  • Off-peak hours are between midnight and 7am

So, if you’re still with us and have wrapped your head around Skymesh’s dizzying array of NBN plans, it’s time to look at its SkyMuster and fixed wireless plans.

Skymesh SkyMuster and fixed wireless NBN plans

SkyMuster and fixed wireless are some of the latest additions to NBN’s swag of internet solutions. You get a lot of the benefits of NBN, but it’s available to people even in remote locations that cannot access fibre broadband. Think of SkyMuster and fixed wireless like a stable and cheaper 4G data connection for your home. To connect you to these various mobile broadband services, Skymesh has a range of plans that are quite peculiar and interesting.

  • The pricing is much the same as its regular NBN plans: Expect to pay a little more for a faster speed tier, whereas the inclusions remain largely the same until you reach higher price brackets.
  • Many plans also come with a $10 per month discount when you bundle your existing eligible landline service with your new broadband service. This changes the value stakes slightly.

Skymesh Fixed Wireless Plans

Tier 1 Pricing Structure
Data Peak/Off Peak Price per Month
6/0GB $29.95
30/60GB $39.95
60/120GB $49.95
120/240GB $59.95
240GB/1TB $69.95
600GB/1TB $79.95

Source: Skymesh website

  • Expect these prices to increase by $5 a month for Tier 2 speeds
  • There is a $10 increase for Tier 4 speeds over Tier 2 speeds
  • If you opt for a faster speed tier, expect an increase in off-peak data allowances for the two dearest plans
  • Tier 4 sees an additional plan added: 1.2TB/6TB peak/off-peak for $114.95 a month

SkyMuster Plans

Tier 1 Pricing Structure
Peak/Off Peak Data Price Per Month
5/5GB $34.95
15/15GB $39.95
30/30GB $44.95
35/50GB $54.95
40/55GB $69.95
45/60GB $94.95
50/70GB $119.95
55/80GB $149.95
60/90GB $194.95

Source: Skymesh website

  • These prices increase $5 a month by opting for Tier 2 Speeds
  • There are also 5 different ‘Night Owl’ plans with more data in off peak periods for those who get their downloading done in quiet hours
  • Off peak hours are between 1-7am

Extra Skymesh Perks

Beyond its bucket load of NBN plans, Skymesh has a range of perks that may sweeten the deal. Most of these are only available on the fibre NBN plans.

  • Unmetered Netflix content. Yes, that’s right – watching Netflix over your Skymesh connection will not be counted against your data allowance. This would be especially useful for the Netflix addict that doesn’t otherwise use much data, thereby allowing them into a smaller and cheaper plan.
  • No set-up, activation or establishment fees. Often these can run into the hundreds of dollars – luckily Skymesh has waived these fees.
  • No contracts. Month to month plans with the ability to cancel with 30 days’ notice.
  • Local call centre with personalised support. There will be no waiting in phone queues with Skymesh’s call-back sales and support function.

These are just some of the perks that Skymesh has included to ensure the overall internet experience is satisfactory. The unmetered Netflix is especially juicy, and we suspect many users will want to champ at the bit at this plan, given how popular Netflix is.

How does Skymesh broadband compare to the competition?

Skymesh’s huge range of NBN plans makes the brand contend with a lot of others. Luckily it seems to compete fairly well, however there are a few providers that are also worth taking a look at for included value.

Skymesh Fibre NBN Plans Compared

Skymesh’s fibre NBN plans seem to offer the best value out of its NBN range, so let’s see how its plans compare.

Plans under $50 Compared

In this small segment of the market, there are only a handful of NBN providers offering similar plans as to what Skymesh offers. Perhaps the closest plan based on price alone to Skymesh’s cheapest plan is the Dodo $29.90 a month plan. Here, Dodo offers a little more data, and this is indeed the case across the board. Keep an eye out for NBN providers like Activ8Me, SpinTel and Exetel that all offer budget NBN plans. These plans are quite competitive, and Skymesh tends to fall behind. However, unmetered Netflix content could really matter here, so take that into consideration too.

Plans over $50 Compared

This segment sees a lot more competition, and unlimited data on faster speed tiers is a common occurrence. Although Skymesh does not technically offer ‘unlimited’ data, its huge plans with 600GB of data and even bigger off-peak allowances bolster the value proposition. Here, MyRepublic simply blows the competition out of the water with unlimited data on Tier 5 speeds for less than $60 a month. Other providers such as Mate and Belong Broadband also come to the game offer comparable plans. Big dog Optus even offers a similar value proposition as Skymesh.

Fixed Wireless and SkyMuster Plans Compared

Skymesh competes in this relatively new and exciting range of broadband plans, and tends to do quite well. In these wireless services, expect costs to be slightly higher for the amount of data you will receive, and there are also fewer providers offering the services. Naturally, expect prices to get cheaper as the service becomes more popular.

Activ8Me tends to compete with Skymesh, and its plans seemingly don’t differ when you choose fixed wireless over traditional fibre NBN. With Activ8Me, you can get 50GB from $39.95 per month, which appears slightly better-value than Skymesh, but you’ll also have to consider Skymesh’s off-peak data allowance. In grand total data, Skymesh offers more, but most of it is off peak. This is a consideration that may make or break a plan.

As far as SkyMuster plans go, there is – perhaps surprisingly – a lot of competition. Expect a lot more providers to come on board, and this proves to be great for the consumer. Look out for providers like iiNet, Exetel and Activ8Me to all compete with Skymesh.

  • iiNet offers 20/40GB peak/off peak data, up to 25Mbps for about $45 a month on no lock-in contract
  • Exetel offers 100GB any time, from $39.99 a month with 12Mbps speeds
  • Activ8Me is also a good alternative for off-peak data allowances, with plans from $34.95 a month, with 5/50GB peak/off peak data.

Skymesh tends to offer solid value amongst these plans; however Exetel seems to lead the pack in data allowances, while iiNet may offer more enticing plans with speed boosts.

Is Skymesh NBN a good move?

Skymesh is certainly one of the providers with the biggest swag of NBN plans on the market. With every conceivable NBN delivery, Skymesh is well placed to offer something for everyone wanting an NBN plan. From the urban dwellers wanting high-speed cable, to the rural battlers who can only access satellite and mobile services, Skymesh is well-suited to tackle your NBN needs.

However, even with its huge collection of plans, Skymesh is decidedly middle-of-the-pack when it comes to all-out value. Although, these may be the tipping points you need to get you to go with Skymesh:

  • Convenient and efficient customer service with a local call centre
  • Unmetered Netflix streaming

Nevertheless, it’s worth taking a look at the other providers out there to see how far you can go with your budget.

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