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Review of TeleChoice mobile phone plans

TeleChoice is a low-cost Australian mobile phone service provider that utilises the Telstra 4G mobile network. It offers a large range of plans, including monthly, 12 month and 24 month contracts, all of which come in SIM only guise, but you also have the option to bundle a plan with a handset with the longer options. We’ve taken a look at exactly what TeleChoice offers in the value stakes, and compare its plans to those from other service providers to help you find the best deal for your needs.

TeleChoice Phone Plans

Month to Month Price Month to Month Features 12/24 Month Plan Incentive
$20 $500 talk, unlimited text, 2GB data Saving of $1 per month
$28 $1,000 of talk, unlimited text, 3GB data, unlimited calls 7pm-7am Extra 500MB of data per month
$30 Unlimited talk and text, 3GB data Saving of $1 per month AND extra 2.5GB of data
$38 Unlimited talk and text, 6GB data, 100 international minutes Extra 3GB of data per month and 100 more international minutes
$48 Unlimited talk and text, 9GB data, 200 international minutes Extra 4GB of data per month and 100 more international minutes

Source: TeleChoice website

TeleChoice provides a comprehensive suite of postpaid phone plans, with subscriptions available at five different price points. All plans are available on monthly, 12 month or 24 month contracts, and you can choose from a number of handsets on 24 month options. The company offers other small perks, such as free delivery of a 3-in-1 SIM card suitable for any device, plus the option of extra data at the industry standard rate of $10 per 1GB. As you can see above, you will get rewarded with discounts and extras should you commit to 12 months or more – this is especially apparent at the $30 price range and above where incentives for committing are significant.

TeleChoice International Calls

You might have been wondering what exactly you can get with your international minutes.

  • You have a choice of 17 countries – popular ones such as India, China, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and US included
  • As the allowance is in minutes, rates are the same across all of the countries
  • Some countries you can make calls to landlines only, whereas others include mobiles as well
  • Roaming is only available in selected countries

TeleChoice Student Plans

If you’re a student and having to scrimp on every buck, forget those two minute noodles and take a look at your phone plan. TeleChoice offers extra bang-for-buck through ‘Unidays’, an online student discount club. All you have to do is register/log-in with Unidays, confirm that you are actually a student and you’ll get the following:

  • An extra 2GB per month every month for 12 months on selected plans

This is an extra boost in value, and if you’re new to campus that extra 2GB of data could be handy for procrastination or organising that next party when you’re meant to be ‘studying’. Let’s jump into the plans on offer.

TeleChoice $20 Live Plan:

TeleChoice services kick-off with the $20 Live plan. On a 12 or 24 month contract, this offering is $19. This plan brings $500 worth of talk, and 2GB of data. It includes unlimited standard SMS and MMS, as well as free calls to other TeleChoice mobile phones and PAYG international calls. So what does $500 included value get you? Calls are charged at 99c a minute, plus a 40c connection fee. Overall, this plan seems a good value option, with 2GB of data for $20 about the industry standard.

TeleChoice $28 Live Plan:

Next up in the rung of plans is the $28 offering. This is quite a large step up over the $20 offer, and it includes $1,000 of calls and 3GB of data. On a 12/24 month contract, this allowance is bumped up to 3.5GB. As usual, the plan also contains unlimited texting. Also noteworthy, the plan includes off-peak unlimited talk between the hours of 7pm and 7am. TeleChoice has realised that people want more data in their plans, and so far, the inclusions have been healthy.

TeleChoice $30 Live Plan:

A small step up, but an important one, is the $30 Live Plan. It includes 3GB of data, and unlimited talk and text. TeleChoice’s urge for you to purchase a 12/24 month contract is more apparent here, with $1 knocked off the price and a massive 2.5GB of extra data dangled in front of you. For one extra dollar a month over the monthly $28 plan, you are essentially transforming that $1,000 into unlimited talk and adding 2.5GB of data in the process.

TeleChoice $38 Live Plan:

TeleChoice’s foray in the mid-high end offering is the $38 per month plan, which goes all the way and gives you unlimited standard calls and texts, along with 100 minutes of selected international calls. It also brings a hefty 6GB of data on the monthly plan. For the contracted options, again, TeleChoice is trying to entice you over – with 9GB of data and 200 minutes of international calls on the table. Overall the $38 plan is a good mid-range offering with a decent amount of data, which is sure to appeal to a lot of data-hungry smartphone enthusiasts.

TeleChoice $48 Live Plan:

TeleChoice’s premium plan is the most interesting choice yet. On the monthly plan, you get unlimited talk and text, 200 international call minutes, as well as 9GB of data. However, for a contracted plan, you get an extra 100 minutes of international call minutes, along with a whopping 13GB of data. This is sure to convince a lot of people to sign on the dotted line with a contract. For those who value flexibility the most, however, 9GB is still a decent amount of data for the price, and the 200 international call minutes is handy if you have loved ones abroad.

How does TeleChoice compare to other providers?

TeleChoice’s mobile phone plans compare favourably against others carriers in terms of both price and inclusions. While not particularly a standout in any one category, the TeleChoice range is probably best described as ‘competitive’. It also benefits from having physical shop fronts, no pesky set-up fees, and plan flexibility between contract and no contract bases. Let’s see how each plan compare to a range of others currently available.

$20 Live Plan Compared:

In this modest segment, TeleChoice is one of the class leaders, offering some great value at a low price. TeleChoice offers some good bang for buck. And you can save that buck by opting for a 12 or 24 month plan. In this segment, TeleChoice competes with Jeenee Mobile, Yomojo and Bendigo Bank Telco. All up it’s hard to go past Yomojo, which offers the only unlimited plan, as well as 2GB. But all offers are worth a look.

$28 Live Plan Compared:

TeleChoice’s mid-range monthly plan offer competitive value in the data stakes with a healthy 3GB. In around the $30 mark though, providers frequently offer unlimited calls. While $1,000 included is a lot, we presume that if you tend to make lots of calls, you’ll want the peace of mind that comes when you have unlimited talk time. TeleChoice competes with the likes of Vaya, Dodo and Yomojo here, but is let down slightly by its lack of unlimited calls, and the fact that you’ll have to commit to 12 months to get the best value.

$30 Live Plan Compared:

In this mid-range market, TeleChoice starts to face a lot more competition. Can it keep pace? With unlimited talk and text, and 3GB of data, its plan seems healthy, but is pipped to the post by the three providers mentioned above. The game changes if you opt for a 12 month contract, however, as you’ll get a massive 5.5GB of data. Still though, it’s hard to beat Yomojo and its 6GB. Choice of network may even play into it – TeleChoice uses Telstra, while Yomojo uses Optus.

$38 Live Plan Compared:

As TeleChoice moves up the ranks into its higher end offerings, it faces increased competition across the board, where providers are fighting to be kings of data. Unlimited talk and text is pretty much a given at this price point, so it comes to other perks like international calls and data – of which 5GB seems to be a minimum standard. Again, TeleChoice is placed among the ranks of Jeenee, Vaya and Dodo. It’s tough to beat TeleChoice and its 9GB data at this point, but keep in mind that you’ll have to commit to 12 months to get the best deal – otherwise you’ll be bumped down to 6GB, which frankly cannot compare to these other three providers.

$48 Live Plan Compared:

In TeleChoice’s high-end offering, it’s been proven that data and international minutes are of increased importance. By opting for a 12 month contract you’ll get a massive 13GB of data, which is tough to beat. Both Jeenee and Yomojo make an appearance again, however we suspect those extra couple of dollars a month are well worth the extra 1GB with TeleChoice. SpinTel also shows its hand in the big data stakes with a massive 30GB – but this only comes with 3G coverage.

Is TeleChoice right for me?

TeleChoice offers a comprehensive range of plans for those who favour the flexible, monthly approach, as well as those happy to commit for longer to secure improved value. This is a question you’ll have to ask yourself. With SIM only value increasing almost by the day, locking into a contract is a short-sighed move. That said, the incentives offered by TeleChoice to do so are extremely tempting. TeleChoice is at its most competitive once you’re willing to spend upwards of $30 a month, but there are several other carriers around that you’ll have to afford equal consideration. Make sure that you the look at the whole big picture – network, contract flexibility and plan inclusions. Once you do, you’ll see that TeleChoice has plenty to offer.

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