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Review of Vividwireless broadband plans

Vividwireless is a Perth-based broadband provider with a twist – the company specialises solely in providing wireless internet services for both your home and mobile devices. Launched in March 2010, Vividwireless was purchased by Optus in 2012 and expanded to the rest of Australia’s mainland capital cities in 2016.

By only providing wireless internet services, Vividwireless provides customers with cheaper monthly plans and a much easier setup process. A traditional wired broadband connection requires a technician to come to your house and install new cables, re-route your service, set up your new modem and much more – a process which may take days to schedule and hours to undertake.

Vividwireless avoids the hassle by offering 4G LTE wireless internet plans – its wireless modem needs only to be plugged into a power socket, where it can be set up within minutes – no complex cable connections required. Furthermore, there’s no need for phone line rental, which will save you a significant amount every month.

The principle downside of wireless internet is sometimes-patchy coverage, or even a complete lack of service in your area. It’s therefore important to check the quality of 4G coverage at your home before buying a wireless internet plan. The good news is that all of Australia’s major cities have reasonably comprehensive 4G coverage on the Optus network, and the area covered is constantly increasing. If you’re considering a wireless broadband plan, read on for our breakdown of the plans offered by Vivid Wireless.

Vividwireless Internet Plans

Vividwireless offers three different broadband plans, the most expensive of which offers unlimited data. All three plans are available on month to month or 24 month contracts. The two year contracts include a free wireless modem, which otherwise costs $199 on a month to month plan.

Data Included Price Per Month
10GB $29
40GB $59
Unlimited Data $89

Source: Vividwireless website

Vividwireless offers its data on an anytime basis – there are no peak or off-peak limits to worry about. Your speed may be throttled under Vividwireless’s “fair use” policy if they determine your use is heavy enough to be adversely affecting the network.

  • Peer to Peer file sharing is listed as an example of activity likely to be throttled
  • Additionally, connecting more than 5 devices to a Vividwireless service increases your possibility of being slowed or shaped

The company doesn’t charge for excess data, with your connection reduced to 64kbps until your next billing period. However, the company has also stated the maximum speeds available on these home wireless broadband plans are about 10Mbps downloading, which places it in line with some of the slower ADSL2+ plans. The details of Vividwireless’s three plans are as follows:

Vividwireless 10GB Plan

The entry level 10GB, $29 a month tier is suited to internet users who mostly stick to web browsing, with some light video. The average Australian spends around 48 hours browsing the web per month, at about 2.5MB per minute. This equals around 7GB of usage a month, which leaves 3GB for the occasional online video or software update. If you intend to cover multiple users on your mobile broadband, the 10GB plan is unlikely to cut it.

Vividwireless 40GB Plan

The next tier up includes 40GB of data at $59 per month. This plan would suit the monthly web browsing of a couple, family or share house. Alternatively, it could be used for a single data heavy user. Standard definition internet TV typically uses 700MB an hour. The 40GB of data would allow for about 45 hours of internet television monthly, on top of regular web browsing.

Vividwireless Unlimited Plan

The top tier includes unlimited data at $89 a month. This plan would suit those with heavy multimedia internet use, such as downloading large software files or watching large amounts of internet television. Potential file-sharers should remember Vividwireless’ “fair use” policy, which even with unlimited data may come into play if you’re sharing lots of files and consequently using lots of data.

How does Vividwireless compare to other internet providers?

With a rather unique approach to home broadband, Vividwireless’s main competition consists of mobile broadband plans rather than traditional fixed broadband services. The company’s two data capped plans can’t match a traditional broadband service in terms of how much you pay for the data included.

  • Many other providers offer unlimited ADSL broadband and home phone bundlesfor less than the $59/month cost of Vivid’s 40GB plan.
  • The top unlimited plan offers much better value, but still can’t compete with the inclusions of ADSL plans

A much fairer comparison is with other wireless broadband plans of the same ilk, which come with the convenience and portability of a wireless connection. On a level playing field, Vividwireless suddenly looks far better value. The 10GB plan offers better bang for buck than other service providers, such as Optus and Vodafone.

The 40GB plan is similarly competitive at $59/month. The plan is cheaper and offers more data than the closest plans from Optus and Vodafone. Check out a sample comparison of the plans below:

Finally, the Vividwireless Unlimited plan is in fact the only unlimited mobile broadband plan in Australia. The closest rival is the 200GB plan on offer from Optus, which provides more than enough data for most households at $80/month – $10 less than Vividwireless. For those who use more than that, Vivid’s value becomes a bit more apparent. If you enjoy streaming media, playing video games, or browsing the web often, the unlimited wireless data plan could represent a smart investment – provided your use doesn’t fall afoul of the provider’s “fair use” policy.

Is a Vividwireless plan a good deal?

Vividwireless offers a unique alternative to traditional ADSL or cable broadband. Wireless internet means a quick, easy setup, no line rental fees and the flexibility to take your internet connection with you wherever you go. While the value proposition might not match that of a fixed line internet plan in the long term, Vividwireless is a very useful option for many Australian households. The sheer flexibility afforded with a Vividwireless plan means you can simply ‘plug and play’ and for many people this ease of set-up and convenience is worth the higher-than-average cost for the amount of data they receive. Vividwireless has attacked a gaping hole in the market of customers who want flexible home internet solutions.

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