MyRepublic reveals details of Australian launch


The Australian broadband market has traditionally been dominated by just a few major service providers, but the arrival of budget telco MyRepublic has given the big boys a major shock, bringing the cheapest unlimited Tier 5 NBN plan available, plus specific incentives for local gamers.

How the NBN is increasing your options

The likes of Telstra, Optus and TPG are the only telcos big enough to afford the huge network infrastructure costs that go into providing us with our home internet. The wholesale nature of the National Broadband Network, however, means that dozens of other smaller providers are able to get in on the act and offer competitive services. Not only has the NBN attracted traditional mobile phone carriers like Vodafone and Amaysim to offer NBN products – the latter buying out an existing provider to do so – but in the case of MyRepublic, it’s also brought one of Asia’s biggest noise-makers to town.

MyRepublic comes with an incredible reputation for providing lightning-quick, dirt cheap broadband services in Singapore, Indonesia and New Zealand. Now Australians can find out what all the fuss is about.

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What is MyRepublic?

MyRepublic is a Singapore-based internet service provider which was founded in 2011 to leverage the island city’s new Next Gen NBN infrastructure. The company built its name with a simple formula – very fast download speeds for very low prices. It was the first telco in Southern Asia to offer a 1Gbps internet plan for under $50. MyRepublic focuses heavily on younger, data-hungry customers, for whom reliable internet access is a crucial part of life.

What does MyRepublic offer in Australia?

Using the quickest NBN technology, MyRepublic is promising Aussies the best internet speeds in their area, with unlimited data plans starting at just $59.99 per month over a 12 month contract. This brings unlimited downloads at the fastest NBN Tier 5 speeds available, 100 Mbps. Read our report on NBN speed tiers if you’re not sure what we’re talking about. Here is the full MyRepublic NBN lineup.

Unlimited data with a maximum download speed of 100 Mbps is as good as the NBN gets, and with a plan of this nature at just $59.99, MyRepublic immediately undercuts its rivals, providing the cheapest plan at this level. Below is a table of current unlimited, Tier 5 NBN plans. As you can see, prices for this type of service usually start at around the $90 per month mark. You can expect to pay $100 or more with Optus or Telstra, although their plans will also include entertainment packages. If it’s just super-quick internet speeds you want, MyRepublic will be hard to beat.

Naked DSL plans

Of course, not everyone is yet connected to the NBN, so MyRepublic has also launched a range of Naked DSL plans to attract customers before they move onto the fastest technology. Prices again start at $59.99 per month for unlimited data.

See a more detailed report on MyRepublic’s NBN and ADSL plans in our comprehensive review.

“It is time to educate Australians on the value of quicker speeds without the restrictions of data caps,” said Nicolas Demos, Managing Director at MyRepublic Australia. “Australia has the 48th fastest average internet connection speed in the world. Over 80 per cent of Australian customers on the NBN are currently running on speeds similar to ADSL technology. We will deliver customers the best speed they can get – at their location – with our unlimited plan offer with local support at a fair price.”

Mr Demos said MyRepublic will be the people’s champion for maximising the full potential of the NBN.

MyRepublic has also launched a version of its NBN plan specifically for gamers, costing $69.99 per month over 12 months. MyRepublic prioritises the household’s broadband connection towards games consoles, ensuring uninterrupted performance. Customers with this plan can also receive a $200 discount when buying the new PS4.

Speeds out of this world

According to a recent MyRepublic press release, the Netflix Speed Index lists the telco as the highest rated service provider in the Asia Pacific region. MyRepublic’s average prime time speed of 3.78Mbps in Singapore is close to Netflix’s world-class standard of 4Mbps – significantly faster than the 3.43Mbps achieved by Optus, Australia’s current top performer for video streaming.

MyRepublic’s broadband speeds can be credited in part to the modern NBN it operates on, but also to its innovative methods of supplying service to customers. It uses a flexible traffic priority system to ensure high-priority services receive fast, uninterrupted data rates. Activities such as online gaming, VoIP phone calls and video streaming – all of which need to be smooth and real-time – are amongst the highest priority, with activities such as file sharing and downloads taking a back seat in peak times.

This ensures your broadband speeds are never throttled, and that your favourite movie on Netflix doesn’t start buffering when your neighbours are doing some heavy downloading. MyRepublic’s services are focused towards optimising video streaming and online gaming, including real-time latency monitoring and custom routing on its top-tier plans.

The verdict

Now that we know what MyRepublic is bringing to the table in Australia, the hype and expectation around the telco seems well justified. As a relatively new service provider focused exclusively on providing high-speed NBN services, MyRepublic is perfectly placed to serve young Australians for whom streaming, gaming and working online is simply second nature. Stay tuned for more on what could well be the greatest disruption to Australia’s home internet market in years.

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