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450947285With NBN coverage now across many cities, a lot of consumers are looking into who can provide the best NBN service for them. To help you out, we have created a guide covering the top providers in Australia, married up with our consumer research into customer satisfaction of those brands. You can find our consumer research results here.


Overall satisfaction rating: 3

Dodo is well known for its low prices but also receives from our survey respondents that occasional complaint about customer service and internet connectivity. However, as an NBN provider, the company is one of the most affordable, with its lowest plan for 50GB at 12/1Mps costing just $39.90 a month (at time of writing). Dodo does charge if you exceed your quota and has cancellation fees for plans. If you choose to not commit to a lock in contract, there are signup and activation fees as well.


Overall satisfaction rating: 4

As a mid-range provider, iiNet offer a reasonable price and good service. Customer service is good quality and internet connectivity is generally good. Currently, prices start at $59.90 on the lowest plan and there are no charges if you exceed your quota, only a slower connection. Lock in contracts are optional but those without will need to pay signup and activation fees. You will have to buy your modem but can get a discount if you are on a contract. iiNet does have cancellation fees if you decide to opt out before your contract is up.

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Overall satisfaction rating: 3

iPrimus have mixed reviews from customers, but similarly to Dodo, iPrimus does offer great rates, starting at $49.95 but without any activation fees and no disconnection if you exceed your data allowance, just a slower connection. If you’re a new customer, you will also get your modem or router for free. IPrimus does have cancellation fees.


Overall satisfaction rating: 3

As one of the better known providers, Optus is a popular choice among Australians. With mixed reviews, many consumers feel Optus lacks good customer service and although coverage is better than some of the smaller companies, the cost is not comparable. Starting at $70.00 for 50GB at 12/1Mbps, with cancellation fees if you choose to make a change. However, Optus does not ask for sign up or activation fees, offers lock in contracts for a discounted monthly cost and only slow connectivity when you exceed your quota, with no extra charges. Modem or router is included for new customers.

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Overall satisfaction rating: 3

Perhaps one of the most popular providers in Australia, Telstra is known for its great coverage across the country. However, it is also one of the more expensive, with the lowest plan coming in at $73.00 for 25/5Mbps (at time of writing). Customer service is comparable to most providers, with mixed reviews. Telstra does ask for sign up and activation fees as well as cancellation fees, but does include a modem or router and doesn’t charge for excess usage, but instead slows the connection.


Overall satisfaction rating: 3

TPG is an affordable NBN provider that has no cancellation fees and no lock in contracts. The price is mid-range at $49.99 for the lowest plan and customer service is at a similar level to other smaller providers. Connectivity is okay, with TPG not charging or slowing connectivity when you exceed your quota. With no lock in contract, no cancellation fees and included modem or router, this is one of the best value providers.

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Overall satisfaction rating: 5

The only provider to get top marks, Westnet is one of the best options for those transferring to NBN. Price is mid-range, starting at $59.90 and extra fees and costs are minimal. Customer service and connectivity has received good marks from consumers. If you exceed your quota, there are no fees but your connection is slowed and lock in contracts are optional. However, there are sign up and activation fees if you do not choose a contract and cancellation fees if you end your contract early.

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