Review of Westnet broadband plans

Back in 1994, a telecommunications company was founded in Western Australia to offer local residents a reliable internet connection which had largely passed them by. It was called Westnet, and it continues to provide home and mobile broadband services to all Australians – its products backed by a reputation for top-notch customer service.

Westnet’s acquisition by iiNet in 2008 saw the merger of two like-minded service providers, with a similar focus on great service and consumer advocacy. Today, following iiNet’s takeover by TPG, Westnet remains an independent brand, offering either ADSL, cable or National Broadband Network (NBN) connections, so we’ve reviewed their offers to see where you can find the best deal.

Westnet’s DSL bundles

Westnet’s naked DSL plans couldn’t be simpler – a big compliment for a plan range which is now just a plain old internet connection. Westnet offers three plans, all of which include a 1000GB download quota and a VoIP Netphone setup, which allows you to make cheap calls without the need for landline rental. The base Naked 1 plan lets you pay as you go, while the Naked 2 includes unlimited standard national calls, and the Naked 3 plans adds unlimited mobile calls.

You can then choose between a no-contract plan or a 24 month deal (the latter includes an optional Wi-Fi modem and a cheaper activation fee). Lastly, there’s an optional VoIP international call pack, which nets you unlimited international calls to selected countries for $10 a month if you so choose.

Westnet’s ADSL plans

Westnet’s most popular plans are its ADSL2+ broadband plans, taken up by over 800,000 subscribers nationally. ADSL speeds offer fast broadband at reasonable prices, with the option of included home phone line rental that doubles your download quota. You can choose between a 250GB plan for $59.90 per month or 1000GB for $79.90 per month.

Additional options include the aforementioned international call pack for $10 a month, as well as an unlimited national and mobile call pack for $20 a month. ADSL plans are available on a monthly or 24 month basis, with the same benefits as mentioned before if you stick to the longer contract.

Westnet’s NBN plans

Like many smaller providers, the NBN provides a huge opportunity for Westnet to compete with more established service providers, and its range of plans certainly doesn’t disappoint. Westnet’s NBN plans come in two main options:

  • You can pick a 200GB quota plan starting at $59.90 per month for 12Mbps download speeds, or $69.99 per month for 25Mbps.
  • Secondly, there’s a 1000GB plan starting at the same price for 25Mbps speeds and included national calls, rising up to $119.99 each month for 100Mbps speeds and all calls included.

Just like the Naked DSL plans, every NBN plan from Westnet comes with a VoIP Netfone for you to make calls without any line rental. The aforementioned contract length, modem and international call options also apply.

With Westnet drawing much of its current customer service and plan structure from the award-winning setup of iiNet, you can’t really go wrong. Despite their lack of national brand profile, Westnet represents a versatile, great value option.

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